Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stupid yellow dots

These days I find myself 'evaluating' everything around me more and more (design wise). Not that I think I have the ability to make everything better though.. just to keep my brain ticking and practice to think as critical as I can. Sometimes I find/experience some stuff is a little bit contradicting to its purpose.

The image above is one of the example that I found in my trip to New Zealand. I believe you've seen the object around the street before and from my understanding, its function is to prevent people from slipping when walking in the street (especially when the street is wet) - maybe?. The irony is, this particular stupid yellow 'dots' is actually really slippery and almost made me fall before. It is actually made out of plastic which turns into a really dangerous area when it is wet. I do hope no one will get hurt (especialy old people) because of this 'stupid' design.


Ander said...

Very inspiring but funny though.. Should use something made of rubber instead of plastic..
Well yes.. stupid plastic yellow dots ^^

hera said...

Yup...yup..yup...stupid yellow dots. =)
Kalo org yg dah tua jatoh kasian bgt, tapi...kalo loe yg ampe jatoh...,, kayanya ntar posting di blog nya lebih seru lagi. He3...=)

ShinySpartan said...

Yup I agree, Rubber is more efficient :D

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