Monday, November 13, 2006

Power = danger

It is interesting to see how people change. Change for the better or change for the worst. What is considered better and worst? How do you actually know which one you are heading to. In my opinion it is all goes back to the public opinion, unless we lived by ourself surrounded by animals in the jungle (apologise to animals who can think, talk and have access to internet). Well.. people around us become the judge of our everyday action.

I think in this era, it is good to sometimes swallow our pride to listen, think critically whether other people's opinions are right or not. Some will give good suggestions or critiques (even people who are younger), some will talk crap (even people who are older). And we'll be surprise how much things that we don't or actually know.

To link this back to my title, I'll say that people are harder to take suggestions or critiques when they have 'power'. I think power is quite a dangerous thing to have. Power leads to pride and too much pride leads to big head and when our head is too big, we will fall eventually and it basically leads to suffering (apologise to master Yoda for ruining your quote). I hate this quote or any similar quote to this: "Either you are with me or you are with enemy" = "I'm always right and if you say I'm wrong then you're wrong and I'll destroy you. That's the ONLY way to go (since I'm right one)!". Most of this quote comes out from people with power. I think they forgot that we have grey and other colours in this world. Not everything is black or white.

I hope I can always swallow my pride (although sometimes pride is quite important - we don't want to cockroaches right?) and take opinions from other people critically plus work hard to change (or 'upgrade') ourself of course! - It's going to be super hard for sure, but I think that's one of many ways to grow as a better person (I hope). Will I change for the better? or worst? who knows. You will be the judge :-)

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ShinySpartan said...

Great post, totally agree... people in power have always have misused it

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