Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Realising Design

"Whether I am in Japan or United States
Whether I design by myself or in a team,
It does not matter what environment surrounds me
When my life comes to end, I would like to think I have been happy
For that, I would like to be honest, which is all I want for my life
I am not that clever and I don't say difficult things, so I just do things other people do
Whether product design or interiors, I think simple thoughts
If my design is not easy to understand, I won't understand it either (laugh)
This is the only way I can believe in what I do
My stance towards designing is to design what I feel
I will keep trying!

-Shin Nishibori-

Note: I think his viewpoint is quite interesting. Pure, simple, honest and direct. :-) I will keep trying too!

1 comment:

ShinySpartan said...

I like that approach too... simple and something you like, very inspirational

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