Sunday, January 21, 2007

Knight series - 1

2nd image for my Knight series (you can find the first one on my previous post quite a while back). This is something that I was thinking of doing long time ago. I hope I can continually getting some ideas for this.

Can you maybe let me know if you find images in this blog a bit dark. They're look fine on my screen but looks really dark on some of my friend's screen.

Take Care.


sourgrapes said...

Nice design. The character has a final fantasy flare to me. heheh I love those games ^^

On my screen the images seem ok. Some of your older posts are sort of in the middle in value. Hope that helps. :)

Charles Santoso said...

Thank you for your comment, sourgrapes. Really appreciate it :-)

You have nice works in your blog & site btw. :-D


FerdinandKreozot said...

Nice images you got here too :)

Cheers to you,



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