Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pixel Knight

Remember this guy? Well.. if not, please scroll down to see the non-pixel version. I did this to train my skill in creating pixel art. What do you think? :-)

More will hopefully come soon!


Alina Chau said...

coool character!!

Anonymous said...

chaaaar.. hubungin gw dooonk!!!
ada kerjaaaaan!!!
oya, no telp koko loe barapa sih? gw sms ke elo tapi nggak ada balesan..
btw no hp loe berapa sekarang? :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job :)
Charles is the pixel meant to be that size? I cant seem to see it in bigger size (like the Ogre before?)

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks Alina & Jen :-D

And yes, that's the actual size of the pixel image. It's small I know, but that what's interesting about it :-)

About the pixel orc, I enlarged it before.. the actual size is quite small too.

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