Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some assignments from Schoolism.com

Here're some of my submissions for Bobby Chiu's Schoolism.com class. I think I need to say that some of the big credits need to go to my instructor Bobby, since he has provided me with a great drawing base to work with. I learned a lot from doing these :-)


Note: I'll post some of my original images soon! :-)


Quotes of the day:
“Quality is a great business plan. Period."
-John Lasseter-

"Technology doesn't make the motion picture, people do. You're not an animator just because you can move an object from point A to point B. (You're) someone who breathes life into a character, which is something the software and technology can't give you."
-John Lasseter-


Bobby Chiu said...

Beautiful stuff here Charles. You should be very proud.

HaN said...
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xing jun long said...


Carrie Rodriguez said...

Wow, awesome work!

I wish I could take those classes. :)

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