Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More sketches of Jekyll and Hyde

Hi all,
Some more sketches on Jekyll and Hyde characters. None of these are final.. I personally still not too happy with the design. I need to learn how to make something more iconic.. more memorable. On a different note, it's funny how you realise that you don't know a lot more stuff when you've discovered one new knowledge. A bit depressing in a way.. but I think I like it :-) Woo.. never ending journey of discoveries.. here I come!! :-)

Have a great day!



idragosani said...

Very nicely done! I was very unsatisfied with what I handed in this week... I hope I do better on the hands!

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks idragosani.

Look forward to seeing your stuff (and the feedback too). Learnt quite a lot from seeing other people's feedback.

Good luck with this week's assignment!


Vivi said...

These characters look great, Charles! Really nice shapes and different ideas :D can't wait to see more of your stuff from this class.

And I know what you mean about realising how much more there is to learn after discovering just one new piece of knowledge.

I agree - it's pretty depressing at first, but then it gets exciting!

Bobby Chiu said...

Hi Charles,

A couple of those are looking good!

Just remember that the road to learning is paved with frustration.

Billy Bad-Ass said...

I agree with you that the more you learn the further you realise you are from where you want to be...

You can see some of my drawings here:

My Blog

I guess our frustration is the burden of someone who wants to make something substantial.

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