Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hyde Character Expression and Attitude

Hi all,
A quick update from me. Some expressions and attitude for my Hyde character. I hope you like them :-) I'll upload some of my colour studies by tomorrow.


EDIT: Added my colour studies in.. *clink*


Piya said...

The musophobic (big word!) Hyde is funny. He's kinda got a Wolverine look to him, being so furry and savage. Looking forward to seeing Dr. Jekyll!

Michael said...

nice job!

Charles Santoso said...

piya: Thanks, man!

michael: thanks, michael. You've got a lot of nice images in your blog too.

Anonymous said...

In the colour studies the top-centre, bottom-left and bottom-centre are beautiful compositions. The colour in the bottom-left is really great.

When are you going to move your blog to WordPress? ;)

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