Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Froggy froggy...

Hi all,
I did this several days ago.. in the end realised that the value are all wrong and stuffed up :-( Had to use filter to 'fix' some of the mistakes (stupid monitor >:-().... and it still looks not right on different monitors. I was going to work on it more.. but decided to move on to a new image. Hope my next works will be better. :-)

I hope you enjoy though..

As usual, comments or crits are greatly appreciated!



Piya said...

Dude, I love it!! Some fun storytelling in it. Have you ever thought of children's books?

Go buy a new monitor already!!! They can't be that expensive, even in Australia!! Better yet, get a Cintiq!!(-;

Jason said...

Hehe this is awesome :D

Though at first I thought it was a family of frogs packing their stuff to leave home. Dont know why, but when i saw name of the image it 'clicked'.

No crits and it looks fine on my monitor :)

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