Friday, April 10, 2009

Atom boy - Naoki Urasawa version

Hi all,
Just finished this today.. phew.. it's hard to paint a boy face. Definitely a lot of things to improve but learnt heaps when I did this. :) The next time will be better..

I hope you enjoy. This is Atom boy/ Astro boy, Naoki Urasawa style (from 'Pluto' comic). I hardly paint character from comic before, but 'Pluto' comic is sensational, so I can't help it. Read it if you haven't done so.

Info about the comic:

Comment or crits are more than welcome :)

PS: also.. could you let me know if the image is too dark or not? still cant believe my monitor -_-



ai-ai said...

Which image brightness are you asking, les? If you are talking about the Astro boy backdrop, I think it's perfect color! This is nice, les!

Charles Santoso said...

I was talking about the whole image's brightness.. previously, i haven't calibrate my monitor properly.. so most of images look really dark on other monitors :)

Thanks for the comment! :D

Ander said...

It's quite good. Thought his face was too serious for a child, but not after I zoomed in.
But yea.. It is a little bit dark in my bb..

Ander said...

Ah just realized that those clouds are quite not right.. Compare those with those in the sky ;)

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