Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 eye balls please!

Something for another ChiuStream challenge. The topic this time is: Eyes.

Really rough idea:



Final (not anymore :P):

Any feedback are welcome - what story do you see in this image? (I'm curious).

Saw the image again this morning and cringe.. still so much things to learn.. Here's a bit of fix. :) I'll leave the previous version here as comparison and future note to self :)


PS: Thanks to Chris Georgiou, Kim Taylor and Piya (and others :D) for the feedback so far :D

UPDATE: I won an oil painting by Thomas Fluharty!! Oh geezz!!! Can't believe it! Thank you so much for the support, guys.. especially to Bobby Chiu and Thomas! :D *jumping around and screaming*


Piya said...

Light up the eyes! Light up the eyes!!! And the opening on the door is too bright and forms a tangent with the girl. Kids shopping for eyeballs like candy, haha! Love it!

Jonas bm said...

Everything looks really good, though I find it hard to see what's in his hand - a coin?

The concept and story are great :D Love the depth of field as well. Very effective.

andres casciani said...

impressive work, thanks for shearing! I like a lot your site

Lesley Vamos said...

Fantastic!! I love the sketch version though... I love being able to see all the rows and rows of eyes ^_^

Charles Santoso said...

Piya: Thanks for the feedback, man! :)
Jonas: He's holding a diamond or somekind of blue gem.. I agree that i can be clearer. Thanks for mentioning it :)
Andres: Thank you for the visit and kind words.
Lesley: Hehe I actually like the very first sketch.. there's something that's missing in the translation to the final one :) Thank you for the comment :)

mjasnowski said...

Loved this one and was easily my vote. I think the perspective was what sold me on it. Nice work :)

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks a lot for your support, mjasnowski :)

Althea Aseoche said...

CONGRATS!! The story is very clear in your final. =D

Pauline said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well-deserved!!! Did they contacted you or you have to contact them by yourself? I won a sketch and not sure what to do next! XD I can only imagine how awesome it is to receive real oil painting! :D

Charles Santoso said...

Althea: Thank you :)
Pauline: Thanks! You have to email Peter Chan your mailing address. Go to:
to find his address :) Good luck and congrats to you too!

Thomas Fluharty said...

Hi Charles, THANK YOU for the kind words on my blog!

I've gotta say, its rare to see the kind of talent you have. From your sketches to your ideas to the way you do the finals. GREAT STUFF.
I am inspired by what you are doing and will be coming back to your site regularly for a breath of fresh air. Keep on doing what you are doing.

Jonas bm said...

Just saw. Congratulations, man. Continue being awesome :D

Charles Santoso said...

Thomas: Thank you so much. I'm humbled by your kind words. I'll keep learning to hopefully get better. :)

Jonas: Thanks for the constant encouragement, man! :)

Carrie Rodriguez said...

Awesome work Charles! :D You really deserved the prize! :D

Pauline said...

Oh, hey, thank you very much, Charles! Very helpful! And thank you for the greetings too! Let's get intense and go even further!! XD Whoop-whoop!

Shelby said...

Do you do your painting on the computer or by hand? Its really good. I love it!

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks Carrie!

Pauline: Whoop-Whoop!! :D

Shelby: I do most of my painting on the computer these days. Should love to go back to traditional media though :) Hopefully soon. Thank you for the visit and comment :)

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