Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sketcbook cover & Sleep-walking Girl

Hi all,
Finally I've updated the blog's banner, after several years showing 'new banner is coming soon'. :)

Last month I had the opportunity to design/illustrate a blank sketchbook cover for Animal Logic. Really enjoyed the task and quite happy with the end result.

And sketches of the 'sleep walking girl'. I've made all the eyes closed on purpose.. well.. she's 'sleep walking girl' after all hehehe. I actually did this quickly to practice more on 'gestures'. Hope to do more of this in the future.

Hope you enjoy!


Jonas bm said...

Everything is just so wonderful to look at. The sketchbook cover in particular - lots of cool little details to keep me looking, plenty of stories happening as well.

Congratulations on getting your banner done - a perfect fit. Linking the owl :D

Man, I gotta get better.

Gee Hale said...

Wow! Congrats man! Looks awesome! Are the sketchbooks only for people who work in Animal Logic or can anyone buy it?

I love the banner!!!

Vivienne To said...

Sketchbook cover is the best!!

Charles Santoso said...

Jonas: Thanks a lot, Jonas. I still need to upgrade my skills too. SO much stuff still to learn!

Gee: Yo, Gee! Thanks! Unfortunately, the sketchbook was made for Animal Logic clients and visitors only. Not for sale :(

Viv: thx thx! :P

Cécile said...

Just wanna say yay too ! ;) Can't we get these really nice sketchbooks at AL ? Not even you ?? Beautiful work btw !

Charles Santoso said...

Hi Cécile!
They gave me several sketchbooks.. but it's not enough for me to give out to people :( Unfortunately.. sob sob..

Thank you for the nice words btw! :)

ev said...

I'm a visitor, what about me?

Guess i'm going to have to visit next week.

Althea Aseoche said...

LOVE IT!! Love it AAAALLLLL......

And I'm very disappointed I can't buy it.

Charles Santoso said...

Ev: Definitely come and visit, man! :)

Althea: :( sorry, Althea. However.. glad that you like it! :D

Patrick Awa said...

wooo, I am jealous with people who are lucky enough to own this AL sketchbook. Looks so pretty.
Another great achievement, man!

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