Monday, June 14, 2010

Minis 01

In the future I'll try to make less and less digital retouch for this kind of work :) Until I find the comfortable medium for colour (I'm thinking watercolour right now).. I'll stick with digital for a while.

Medium: Pencil rendering & some digital retouch

Hope you like it.



they are so good

Michiel said...

Love it! I've said it before and I'll say it again: like ice cream man..

SCIBOTIC said...

I've fallen in love with gouache personally, but if you're looking for quick washes it'll be hard to beat watercolours. The reason I prefer gouache right now is since it's opaque I can always go in and make changes to the sketch, something that watercolours won't let you do but you work around that issue by doing various colour thumbnails to test out your options if you're ever unsure about something.

Zarah said...

Very fun and loving characters. Try Ecoline watercolor. I think it is much easier to use than fx regular watercolor.

Charles Santoso said...

ambuj joshi: Thank you for the visit :)

Michiel: hahaha ice creaamm! thanks, man.

Scibiotic: Yeah.. I wanted to try Gouache too.. but for this particular works, I want to use something that's quite transparent. :)

Zarah: Thanks, Zarah :) will look into that one.

Carrie Rodriguez said...

Great Character Designs Charles :)
I especially like the last one :)

I'd love to see you show more variants in colors sometime though. :)
keep up the great work friend. :D

rodrigoart said...

nice one man, I love the texture. So much great stuff on this blog! I'm so slow to find the good stuff.
Traditional media is so much fun!

Nori Tominaga said...

well done! is the paper layed digitally too or do you draw on that sorta paper?

great work :)

Lesley Vamos said...

These are so beautiful! I really love the traditional feel, they're just so charming ^_^

Charles Santoso said...

rod: Thanks, man! yeah.. traditional media is fun indeed.. but it's harder to do hahaha :)

Nori: Thank you! The paper texture is digitally layered.. I drew them on my moleskin sketchpad.

Lesley: Thank you, Lesley :)

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