Saturday, July 03, 2010

Mr. Hedgehog Head

This one is quite freaky I know :P A quick one for 'Mr. "Blank" Head' contest.

Toy Story 3 was BEAUTIFUL! Congrats to the Pixarians.. you've done it again! :D Thank you for making such a wonderful movie.

NEWS: I'll be giving away 5 free copies of my Iphone app (via promotional codes). Let me know (just leave a comment in this post) if you're interested :) One thing is, you have to own a US iTunes account to claim the promo code (dunno why, but that how it works) - If you don't have it, you can create a new account in the US itunes store to claim it :).

UPDATE: all promo codes are gone.. Thanks for the interest, guys :)


Skim said...

Lovely work! ...but is the hedgehog dead?!

Charles Santoso said...

lol! no no no.. he's just curled in The components just stuck on his spikes. :P Whoops, just realised that I forgot to paint his ears.. ow well :)

Anonymous said...

A promo code? I'll buy ur app regardless :D. Awesome entree dude

David M said...

Hey Charles! I love you work and would love a promo code for your app. It seems we are on the same journey to becoming a better artist and storyteller :).

Carrie Rodriguez said...

So cute! I love hedgehogs :) I actually have one as a pet :)

great work Charles. :) congrats as well for winning the contest haven't been too active on sketcholic since schools started. :)
hope you're well.

Samolo- Manuel A. Molohua Hernández said...

Why did you kill the hedgehog!? Just Kidding. The hat was the cherry on the cake, pretty neat.

Man... tha Godzilla pice.... that freaking godzilla piece!! It looks too awesome, its like the golden book of giant monsters.

Joshua said...

I would love a promo code!

Charles Santoso said...

I've sent promo codes to you guys (Hecklopez, David & Joshua - I've left yours in your blog, Joshua) :)

Please let me know if you haven't received them.

Carrie: I'm well, thank you. You have a hedgehog as a pet? wow.. awesome! :)

Samolo: Yo, Samolo! :) Thanks, man! you're too nice as usual.

Aniuccia said...

Hello, can I have a promo code? I really would like to have you app on my Iphone :)

Charles Santoso said...

Hi Aniuccia,
Thanks for the interest. I'm sorry but they're all gone :( I should've update this post a while ago.

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