Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You Jump.. I Fly..

A submission for the Intensity Club at Sketchoholic. The topic was 'Animal Bionic'. :)

Title: You Jump.. I Fly..

PS: 'Legend of the Guardians' movie is coming out really soon. I'm really excited about it - I hope you are too. I'll post some of my concept art for it in the near future :)


Bobby Pontillas said...

haha! Thats awesome man, love the idea!

Anonymous said...

Jajaj great idea, and the expressions are awesome man!

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Aw so cute!! Love the noble look on the one that's flying :)
Great characters!


Patrick Awa said...

Very cool idea, I dig "airy" touch on this image.

And "Guardians" is going to be released real soon in the states too. Big billboards are EVERYWHERE!

Charles Santoso said...

Bobby: Thanks, Bobby! :D Look forward to seeing 'Rio', man.

sketchbooksafari: Thanks for the visit :)

Junko: Thank you, Junko. :D Glad you like him.

Patrick: Patrick! :D Finally eh? :D hehehe woohooo!!!

Chanp said...

great piece, and congrats again!

Scott Altmann said...

love the idea and piece Charles. Your work is really inspiring - I could spend all day looking at it.

My son and his friend have plans to see "Guardians' next week - it's got the little kids excited in these parts!

Charles Santoso said...

Chanp: Cheers, man! Thanks a lot for choosing mine :)

Scott: woah.. thanks for visit and kind comment, Scott! Hope your son will enjoy the movie :)

Gerald de Dios said...

Great illustration, finally Watching the Legends of Guardian tonight :)

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