Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hungry Plants

This is my art trade with the awesome Betsy Bauer :)

We came up with 'Hungry Plants' as a topic. So.. I drew a pack of hungry plants.. :)

Here's a pencil drawing with some digital coloring and enhancement.

and here's the photo of the original pencil drawing:

Enjoy :)

Also, there's only a couple more weeks before the print sale ends - it will end on the 1st December. There are 7 prints that you can choose from and shipping is free worldwide :) You can purchase the print HERE.


Puspa said...

I like! :D
Also, been thinking of getting some of your prints for christmas gifts!

Betsy Bauer said...

I love it, Charles! It just feels so sweet and nostalgic. A perfect solution to the topic!

Carla C. said...

Love your pencil rendering! Gives off a very nice texture. The story is great as well. Nice work! :)

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Great piece as usual!
I love the soft lighting and your pencil texture. Can feel the excitement of the flowers!


Pat said...

The flowers look as if they were saying: "me first!"
I love the gardener, the leg up, the position of the arms, i can even imagine how he whistles happily.

Jonas bm said...

Lovely piece. You can almost hear a cheery tune. Great way to show hungry plants.

Scott Altmann said...

haha fun piece and another great pencil rendering!

Ted Blackman said...

I really like this piece, Charles. Great silhouette, rim lighting, and story telling! Reminds me of 1950s childrens book illustration. Bravo, Sir!

Charles Santoso said...

Puspa: Thank you, Puspa :D Hope your drawing exercise/activity is going good these days :)

Betsy: Glad you like it, Betsy :D Thx!

Carla C: Thank you, Carla

Junko: Thank you so much, Junko. Cheers!

Pat: Thanks for mentioning that. Exactly what I want to the viewers to feel. That makes me happy :D

Jonas: Thanks, Jonas :) Keep up the good work on your blog!

Scott: Thanks, Scott! :D All the best with your projects.

Ted: Thank you for the compliment, Ted. You're too kind, good sir :D Look forward to seeing your next brilliant cartoon!

Malgorzata Arska said...

i love your works :)
i've got so unique style
How long it takes you to do so detailed graphite work ?
really awesome

Marcelo Vignali said...

Fantastic. I think Ted hit the nail on the head, it reminds me of children's book illustrations, before they went too saccarine. One of my favorite books is The Biggest Bear, and it reminds me of that era.

On another note, I really love what you did with that piece about your Grandmother. Great emotion, great message, and great illustration.

Charles Santoso said...

Malgorzata Arska: Thank you :) Regarding how long.. it really depends on how complex the image is (for example, the 'dragon's dream' took me around 10 hours to do.. on and off).. :) the longest part is looking for story and ideas.

Marcello: Thank you so much, sir! I'll check the 'The Biggest Bear' book.. sounds great! Always exciting to seeing your visit :D All the best with your projects.

Chanp said...

awesome illustration charles, another great piece!

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