Monday, November 01, 2010

Sketchbook pages & New Artist Sketchbooks site

Hi all,
Sorry for the delay on the Croc story.. it is actually harder than I thought to flesh out the story properly. The middle part is always the hardest bits I guess. It'll be back soon though :)

For now, I hope you'll okay with some pages from my mini sketchbook - I draw these small faces on the bus on the way to work.


Also, check the new Artist Sketchbooks site. You can find some digital artist sketchbooks also order some artists' physical books! :D Some cool stuff in there.

You can find my page HERE :) I'll be grateful if you can support me by clicking the 'Like' button :) Thank you in advance!


Anonymous said...

These are REALLY good man! I try to subway sketch quite frequently and I am waiting for the day where my scribbles turn out as nice.

Nice work!

Monstertree said...

Jeez, these are good, really controlled for bus drawings! Nice update as always, keep up the hard work ;)

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks a lot, Dan & George. really appreciate it :)

Erin Hunting said...

These are great Charles & they are so well done for drawing on a bumpy bus! I like that you have a cross section of faces, which you do get on public transport.
I like the feel of the standing figures too, they look very natural.

Pat said...

Really nice! I like the expressions and it's always interesting to see so many different face features.
I wanted to share my halloween decorations with you, so if you have time i hope you visit the link.

Alina Chau said...

wonderful character sketches!

Ted Blackman said...

Man, these are nice, Charles. You have a beautiful sense of subtlety. How do you do it on a big, jostling bus??

Charles Santoso said...

Erin Hunting: Thanks for the visit and kind words, Erin :)

Pat: Thank you! Yep, I've left a message for you there :)

Alina: Thanks, Alina :D

Ted: Heya Ted! always glad to seeing you here :) well.. I really struggled at first but in the end i've managed to get a bit braver and just put down the pen line in random bumpy street - it's actually quite fun to do it these days :) Thanks so much for your kind words. Really appreciate it.

Bec said...

Beautiful sketches!! So much personality in these :)

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