Thursday, April 07, 2011


Meet.. Iggy :P

I hope you like him :)


Megan Nicole Dong said...

Aww, I love him!

Ben Hickling said...

I love the colours! Is there any story/meaning behind this? or is it just a random idea that popped into your head?

k.mediani said...

Instant like!! :)
Superbly rendered!

Ben BASSO said...

Wonderful !

Gabby Zapata said...

woah, nice lighting!

Scott Altmann said...

i like him! Is he crying ? :(
keep em' coming Charles!

Eric Orchard said...

Love this!!

Pat said...

I just adore it, is so whimsical, and the texture on the background is just so rustily good and and... why are you so awesome? can you send me some of your awesomeness in a bottle to Peru?

Junko Miyakoshi said...

A new character! I very much like his shape :)
Very sweet painting as always Charles!


Jonas bm said...

Ah, what a fun character. Would love to know his story. Is he sad or just watering the ground, does he perhaps have a cold?

Quite a moody painting, too.

Monstertree said...

He'd make an awesome wooden toy or something, love the droplet from the nose too :)

tiffannysketchbook said...

I do! I like him! The paint job is beautiful

Patrick Awa said...

I do too!!!!!!!

irn (irene fornari) said...

I love him, too!!

(but not to eat)

Ted Blackman said...

It's the rarely seen three-legged pitcher pig!! WOW!!!! Lucky you to catch him napping!

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks a lot, guys! :D

Megan Nicole Dong: Thank you, Megan :D

Ben Hickling: Thanks, man. It started as a shape.. then story came out from it. More about him later :)

k.mediani: Thank you :)

Junko: Thank you very much, Junko :)

Pat: lol.. you're too nice, Pat.

Ben BASSO: Thanks, Ben! :)

Gabby: Thank you, Gabby :D

Scott Altmann: He got flu :P He's a bit upset.. but I'm sure he'll get better soon :)

Eric Orchard: Thanks, Eric!

Jonas bm: Thanks, Jonas.. yes, he has a fever and cold.. :(

Monstertree: ah yes! I might try and make a simple sculpture of him later :)

tiffannysketchbook: Thanks a lot :)

Patrick: woohoo! thanks, Patrick!

Irene: Thanks for the kind comment :)

Ted: lol! Thank you, sir! :D

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