Monday, July 04, 2011


Hi all,
Things have been really hectic after my US trip - all good though :) Here's a really late submission to Gallery Nucleus' Harry Potter Tribute. I wasn't able to send the piece on time for the physical exhibition so the original will stay in my place for now :)

I'm posting the digital sketch for you guys too - as I'm still liking it.. I feel that there always something in the sketch that got lost in the process of finishing the piece. Do you have the same feeling when you create your work too? :)

Title: Companion
Medium: Pencil on Moleskin sketchbook paper
Dimensions: 10cm x 15cm

UPDATE: Original work is no longer available. It's going to a new home soon. Thanks for those who've emailed me regarding this piece :)

PS: I'll try to post some kind of report about my US trip, hopefully soon. Also, I'm having a solo exhibition at the end of August - in Sydney, Australia. I'm currently finishing a couple of early pieces. Hope to share with you guys at some point - there're some low-res photos of the progress if you want to have a look. I've been posting them through my twitter: :) Details regarding the show will be up in a couple of weeks time.


Guiomar González said...

Lovely pencil work... and super cute owl :)

I have the same feeling about sketches... some "strength" or "freshness" is usually lost in the process after, and sometimes it gets a bit frustrating... but not too much hehe, watching a good final work (as yours in this one) :)

Pagas said...

Very nice!


Juriani Yo said...

So cutee..... <3
Definitely love this! This looks like Harry in his old innocent and peaceful days, long before he knows many complicated things that make him suffers so much... Good Job Charles!

Scott Altmann said...

that is great! Would have been cool if they did an animated HP series in your style :)
talk soon bud -S.

Jonas bm said...

Great piece :D

Yeah, I think most artists get that feeling, like something gets lost from sketch to finished piece. Sometimes it's like two different works.

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip and solo exhibition :D

Mauricio said...

Love this piece, Charles!

and yeah, the way I've learned to think about it is how a teacher of mine once told me - that a sketch is spontaneous and to try to replicate those same marks, whether by tracing or redrawing, is to remove part of that spontaneous energy that made the original sketch so attractive.


Junko Miyakoshi said...

Hey Charles!!
Glad you're back home safe in one piece :)
How was your rest of the trip? Looking forward to your report!

I love your pencil textures as usual and very cool composition! I totally agree with you on the sketch having something special than the final drawing.. that happens to me a lot!

I'm sure you don't need this but good luck on your coming exhibition! ;)


George Bletsis said...

So good, just so good Charles! I feel the same about the sketch to final process, it's always a bit of a mini battle trying to keep as much of the spirit of the original sketch as possible!

Desiree said...

3 cheers of awesome!!

Ben BASSO said...

Fantastic, Charles. Fan-tas-tic !

Jez Tuya said...

Beautifully drawn, Charles!

Carla C. said...

Harry Potter! Really beautiful illustration! I just can't get enough of your pencil works. I know what you mean by the sketch having more energy. Happens to me all the time. Great work, Charles!

Ted Blackman said...

Oh goody, we're back to owl themes again! Very nice piece Charles, as usual. -and yeah, there is always something in the rough that you just can't translate to the finish, maybe because we use a different section of our brains for roughing than we do finishing? I like the face on the rough, so few lines yet so expressive. But wait.. the face on the finish is great too... oh never mind.

Tim Robinson said...

Great sketches.

Carrie Liao said...

Aw, I'm definitely hitting that up and I would have loved to see this piece in person! Beautiful work, and I like the rough sketch :)

Charles Santoso said...

Guiomar González, Pagas, Juriani Yo, : Thank you for the visit and kind words, guys :)

Scott Altmann: hahaha.. I wish :P Thanks, Scott.. we have to definitely catch up in person next time I visit NYC again! Cheers!

Jonas: Thanks, man. Hope to sparing some time to do the post soon. :)

Mauricio: Thanks! Yeah.. sketches is great.. Just have to experiment more to somehow get the freshness in the final drawing. Hopefully I can do it better one day.

Junko: Yes :P The rest of the trip was really awesome! Kinda miss the people in US :) I'll definitely come back in the future. :) Thx for the 'good luck'.. I think I need it hehe.

George, Desiree, Ben Basso, Jez, Carla C, Tim Robinson, Carrie Liao: Thanks a lot, guys!

Ted: hmm.. that makes sense about using different part of our brain for the sketch and finishing.. it does feel a bit different when I do it.. or maybe I just need more practice haha :P

Mia Araujo said...

love this one! and the rough sketch is beautiful too. Congrats on the solo :) Will there be any oils in that show?

Pat said...

As always I love how you do textures.
The face is very friendly, and the robe is awesome.
Harry and Hedwig (poor Hedwing), great combo!

Justin Rodrigues said...

I love this piece. You have some fantastic stuff here!

Erin Hunting said...

This is really lovely! Just wondering how big the piece is? And what size you usually draw at? : )

Patrick Awa said...

Really nice piece, Charles!!
I do feel that there is always something got withered as I proceed to finish my work, but this piece has turned out just great, man!

I wish I could have joined the same opportunity at Nucleus. I actually have never watched any of the movie series, though...

Marcelo Vignali said...

Holie-Molie, these are fantastic. Gosh, I just love a good pencil drawing, and these are just that.

Charles Santoso said...

Mia: Thank you, Mia :D Yes, I'm planning to have several simple oil paintings there :) We'll see what happen though hehe

Justin: Thanks for the visit, man.

Erin: Thank you, Erin! It's quite a small one :)

Patrick: Thanks, Patrick!

Marcelo: It's encouraging to hear it from you, Marcelo. Thanks a lot! :)

Danny Araya said...

This looks so charming man!

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