Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Solo Show & Artbook Giveaway!

UPDATE (03/09/11): The Entry to the artbook Giveaway is now closed :) Posting the winners soon!

UPDATE (12/08/11): WOAH! I'm so blown away by people's responses from all around the world. Thanks so much for the support, guys! As a token of appreciation, I'll be giving away 2 copies of my book instead!! :)
>> 'Wonderland' Solo Show Facebook event page: HERE :)

Hi all,
I’m really excited to finally announce my solo show at the end of August. It’ll be held at Kinokuniya bookstore in Sydney, Australia. The show will feature all new original drawings and paintings from my personal take on Wonderland. The story will involve a boy who saw a girl jumping into a rabbit hole and decided to follow her.

Below is the invite with the dates and details of the show. You’re all invited to come! For those who live far away, I’ll post photos of the exhibition later. I would be most grateful if you can all share this with with your friends, families, acquaintances and even strangers :)

The second news is an ARTBOOK GIVEAWAY! I'll be giving one of my artbook (40 pages - softcover), signed and with a little sketch on the first page. Anyone local or international are welcome.

Several small things that you need to do for your chance to win:
1. Please follow my blog if you haven’t already done so - you can find the 'follow' box on the right hand corner (if you have, thank you!)

2. Leave a comment in this post and let me know where you’re from and how you'd describe my works in one word (or one sentence if you'd prefer) :) I would love to know you guys a bit more.

3. And.. that’s it :) I’ll randomly select a person from this post's comment box and announce the winner here on the 3rd September 2011.

I really appreciate the warm support that you guys have given me so far. Please kindly share this giveaway event on your facebook, google+, twitter, blog, etc if you could. Thank you! :)

On a side note, I’ve created a new facebook page, it would be great if you could 'like' it.


Betsy Bauer said...

Hi Charles. :) So excited to hear about your show! Wish I could make it in person, but it's a little far from me, being that I'm in Florida and the show is in Sydney. :(

And your work in a small phrase: "Quiet whimsy."

All the best with the show and book sales!

MadScratch said...

Congrats on the Show and Book! Wish I could make it. I was hoping it was a little closer and I would have gone! Oh well, next time. I always thought your work was, 'fantastical!'

Best wishes from New Hartford, NY!

DavidM said...

Hey Charles,

I've been following you since your days with the Sketchoholics. I'm from Kalamazoo, MI USA. The art book looks amazing from the images you posted.

Let's see... how to describe your work?... inspirational :)

Maria Bogade said...

Hi Charles! Wow, your book looks so great and the poster for your solo show is just wonderful. So sad that it is just on the opposite side of the globe.

I would descibe your work as "dreamy imaginative", if that makes any sense. All your images have a special fantastic quality to them, sometimes with a message below the surface, which is what I love so much about them.

So I wish you all the best with your show and book and of course I hope to be the winner!!!

Ben BASSO said...

Oh what a great news ! Can't wait to see your artbook, Charles !

Oh and well, I'm from Bordeaux, in France. But I think you know that.

Courtney said...

It looks so amazing! I wish I could be there, but yeah, a little hard to travel all the way from South Carolina. Hope it goes well though! I love the invitation. The cat motif in the wording is perfect!

I guess I would describe your art as "Peaceful" or "Calming." The way you use your pencil, everything just feels so smooth and relaxed. It makes me happy :)

Jon Halpert said...

Hey- I'm from NYC, and I would say haunting and enchanting.

Mike Boldt said...

Congrats on the show! I wish I could see it in person (and meet you as well!)

I'm from the otherside of the world from you just outside Edmonton in Canada.


Take care!

Darren72 said...

Best of luck to you on the show. Looks awesome! Wish I could attend. Do a California show next time!

The words I would use to describe your work is: "Beautifully hand-crafted and inspiring"

mjasnowski said...


Good luck from New Hampshire

-GFT- said...

Congradulation on all of this ! You work is so inspirational and unique ! I would have love to come to your exposition, but unfortunatly, I'm quite far away here in Montreal !

I'm looking forward to grabe a copy of you artbook !

Thanks for your work !

gelerli said...

hi from poland, my word is delicious!

congrats on your show and book.

Putri Ayu said...

hey Charles good luck for the show!

i'm a huuugee fan. really want to come and see your show :((
you should come to Indonesia someday and do your show here! let me know when you do :D

a word for your work: menakjubkan!
(well, it's indonesian. menakjubkan means great, amazing, stunning, fantastic, awesome :D)

Putri Ayu said...

wait, you're originally from Bandung??
i'm currently living and studying in Bandung :D

Guiomar González said...

Congrats for the show!! I'd love to go... but I'm almost in the opposite part of the planet haha! :P

I'd describe you art as "charming"... absolutely!! :D

Greetings and best wishes from Madrid :)

Toria said...

Hi Charles,
While I am not in Sydney, I'm on the Central Coast, which is near enough to travel to Sydney for a good reason - and your exhibition definitely fits the bill!
I am so excited, as I didnt realise when I started following you that you are Aussie!
I would describe your work as "quirkily soothing" or "soothingly quirky".

Matthew Cook said...

I love your blog and your work. Your drawings and paintings always have some much story and warmth to them. Good luck with your show!

If I have to pick a single word, then I pick: "narrative"

Cleonique Hilsaca said...

Congrats on your show! :D
and that's a neat giveaway,
I live in Savannah, GA
Description: Enchanting

Danfs said...

Hey there, mate!
I think we first got in touch back in the Sketchoholics days, and I've always digged your kind feedback.
BTW, I'm from Brazil and would like to describe your work as a "breeze of hope" , since it is what i always feel when come up here to check a new update. :)

See you space cowboy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Charles,
Your art is so beautiful! My favorite one recently was the drawing of Hedwig and Harry. I would describe your art as: magical little worlds (that i want to jump into and explore!)

Rachel McAlister said...

I'm so excited you made an art book! I know it will be quite beautiful! And I wish I could attend your show!
I am from Missouri,
and the word I would use to describe your art is "heartfelt"

Phill said...

Hi Charles! I'm an Art Student from Georgia, USA. I love your work and I would describe it as "ethereal"

Charlotte Cheng said...

Congratulations on your art show and I wish I could go! I would describe you art as both textured and whimsical. . .a perfect mix of fantasy and reality. Keeping my fingers crossed for the contest!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

The art book looks gorgeous, Charles! If I'd describe your work in a word it would be whimsical.

Best regards from Burbank, CA :D

BeautyOfGames said...

I say your art is very colourful and charming. I like the soft tones you use!

I am from Germany and run a private video game art charity organization called BeautyofGames.org

I found you via Imaginism Studios. Keep up the great work!

George Bletsis said...

Man I wish I could go to the show! Gonna definitely try and snag a copy of your book though!
Describe you work eh? I'd say phantasmagorical ;)

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

All the best to you Charles with your show. I'm far away so I won't be there of course (SLC, UT). Your work is simply, "delightful". Unique too.

megan mcshane said...

Hello! Congratulations on your show, it is well deserved. I really love Wonderland as a point of exploration, I'm excited to see your own personal perspective and take on the world.
I am from NY, but I go to school at Ringling College in FL. I don't think I could describe all of your works in one word, but I love the clean shapes, fluid line of motion, and appealing color choices that are present in a lot of your art.
I would say, fearlessly curious, playful, and intelligent.

Christopher S. Jennings said...

One word: Inspirational.

Thanks for the inspiration, from Austin, Texas.

Nicholas Hong said...

Congratulation on your show! I am one of the Sketchoholic members. I always love your emotion in your art :), from Toronto, Canada.

Austin Madison said...

haha, great title design, Charles!

Carla C. said...

Oh, how I wish I could go to your show. I live too far away. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck with your show. It'll be awesome!

I would describe your work as "Serenely Enchanting". From Chicago, Illinois! :)

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Hey Charles!
Congratulations!! Love the invitation image :)
Unfortunately I can't make it to Sydney, but I send my support all the way from NYC!

I'd describe your works as "storytelling" :)

Looking forward to the pictures!


Pat said...

I've been waiting for this post forever and I didn't even know haha.
Love the smile and tale, makes it so cheshireish.
And the book! omg!
let's see:
1. follow --> check
2. comment --> in process
3. random selection --> in your hands!

so back to 2... I'm from Peru (that country that has Machu Picchu inside and gave a home to inkas, has guinea pigs in your food and naked dogs to warm up your feet at night.
Your works are "magical". When I started following your blog I felt transported to a magical world on top of a mini tree house.

I'm glad you're sharing pics of your show, it's a bit too far away to go in person, and I'm sorry cause I bet it'll be really awesome! I can even imagine you running stairs and arriving to the top giving punches to the air and jumping from joy just when all it's settled right *plays eye of the tiger*

Patrick Awa said...

Yay, finally the official announcement of the show to come!!!
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, Charles!
I am really excited with the news even though I am far away from there *sniff*

Here is my word:
"aerial (or "aerial stroke")!"
Your pencil stroke is so unique and unleashed with grace.

Pips said...

love many trust few always paddle your own canoe, all the best with your show - your daily inspirations keep my spirit high thank you.

Jez Tuya said...

Congrats on your first show, Charles! I'd definitely cross the ditch if I had the moolah, but for now, I'll just enjoy your art on this here blog :D

hmm.. to describe your work in a few words. How about "freaking magical!" :D

Your kiwi pal,

zepfoo said...

Hi Charles! Great news for your solo show, I'll like to see it but I'm so far away.

I'm from Mexico, and I'll describe your works as: "being back to the magic moment when you are a child"

You make me smile :]

Jade Sheldon said...

I'm Jade from Portland, Oregon and the first word that comes to my mind when viewing your work is Enchanting...

Carlina Prawirawidjaja said...

Hi Charles,
I'm Carlina, originally from bandung, packed my bag and moved to Sydney couple years ago :D
I've always been a fan of your drawings since the day one i visited you blog! I think your work is very inspirational and honestly, it is hard to pick which one is my favorite cause i like most of them :D
Wishing you all the greatest for your solo exhibition and looking forward to see it! I'm sure it's gonna be super!



One word refreshing
One sentence : ur work is always deep and meaningfull.

Grats on ur book ill buyy itt !!

N.Hall said...

Hey Charles,

Soooo excited for your show! Congratulations! I only wish I could be there for it, another reason to hate being in Florida haha ;D

Thinking of a word to sum up your work is difficult! but "Mesmerizing" seems to be the best word to describe how i feel about it.

Good luck with everything!


Anonymous said...

Hi Char,

Good to hear the great work is progressing exponentially!

My word: Wonderful Escapism.

Your art is truly heartfelt, very personal, warm and yet foreignly magical.

See you at the Show!

ema1186 said...

Hey Charles,

I will still say that you have been the best teacher I have ever had. Your work is always great.. you are such an inspiration.

YOUR WORK: Detailed, diverse and all-round freakin awesome.

Your skills are something to be desired!

Will definitely go to your show.


Peppermint-Pinwheel said...


The feeling I had when I first came upon your work was one of the best i have ever experienced. It brought back fond childhood memories of reading a tattered copy of The House at Pooh Corner, and I get the same feeling every time I view your work. I have no way of accurately describing the effect your work has on me. I seriously love what you do.

(I forgot to say that I'm posting this from Katikati, New Zealand :) )

Ubin said...


Too good to be true! Well, I'm from Maryland, originally from Taiwan, and currently in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'm an aspiring illustrator, but I know I still have a long ways to go.

Your work...Charming. Lovely. Everything that evokes a good childhood memory :>

Keep being awesome!


Pure awesomeness

Coen Hamelink said...

Really great! But could I buy it, instead getting it for free? Just to support your art!

Elaine said...

Hi! Congratulations on your show!! I'm from California and I'd just have to say that your work is "soothingly unique" :) your work is wonderful!!!!

Nicolò Rigobello said...

Your works in one word? imaginative!
Good Work Charles

mikakonicyo said...

hello charles,
compliments for your show and everything you do ..
For me your style is moving, tender and accurate and encourages me to move forward as an artist.
Italy, Florence

Ben BASSO said...

Oh, I forgot to describe your work in one word. One word...


Mariya Olshevska said...

Congratulations on the show! Wish I could see it!

My name is Mariya and I'm from Canada:)

I'll use 2 word: "inventive" and "inviting"


Christina Escamilla said...

I'm from Houston, Texas :)

One word to describe your work is 'whimsical' When I look at your pieces I'm not just taken to different worlds, but I'm culling up childhood wonderment that we sometimes forget as adults.

It's an important thing to revisit I think C:

MemedForChidren said...

Hello im from Indonesia ;)

congratulations! you've done a great job, you 'd bring out the unlimited wonderland beyond this real life,so inspiring me just like you gave me a stair and take me to there ;)

are from indonesia too?
your last name is familiar for indonesian ..=)

Still Inspiring EveryOne ^^

Best Regards,

Markus said...

Hi Charles, my name is Markus from Bandung. just visit minitreehouse.blogspot.com. Very proud to see your artwork designs. I met you once on your wedding party, coz your wife is my wife's friend. I consider myself as a fans to your works bro. Excellent! ;-)

Gaia said...

Hello Charles!
Well, the word for me is "soulful". I've used it many times to describe your work and I can't find another :)

nidhi said...

I absolutely love your work - I follow you through deviantart and I would love to win a copy of your book, if not I'll be happy to buy it when its available.

One word for your work: scrumptious!

it's so soft, so lovely that it's delicious and it makes me want to eat them... or at least nuzzle them ^_^

thanks for the lovely art, from a fan and another artist!

missjessm said...

Your illustrations take the audience on a whimsical journey through your imagination!
Am doing your course at COFA Online and am now even more inspired after seeing the way you approach the visual world.
Thank you! :)

Mauricio said...

Hey Charles,

Congrats on the show! I hope to see the photos. Wish I could be there, but alas being in CA, I cannot. Best of luck to ya!

And your work in a few words: Imaginative Innocence

Anneliese M said...

Congratulations on the show!! I wish I could go, but alas Sydney is deceptively far from Melbourne. As for your art, it occurs to me now that is in the likes of Shaun Tan's, but both of you are amazingly unique and imaginative artists in your own right and I always look forward to seeing what fantastic ideas you dream up and bring to life.

Jonas bm said...

Hi Charles,

Congratulations on everything - happy to see you doing well. Keep being awesome :D

I'm from Denmark and if I only have one word to describe your work, I'd say 'spirited', by which I mean full of life and story - always greatly inspiring.

All the best :D

Jonas bm

Smirre° said...

Hey there,
I cannot visit your show :( it's too far away, what about having one in Germany next time? ;)
anyway, congratulations to your own show! :D

to describe your art in only one word is not that easy, but I would call it: dreamlike and a little quirky sometimes.


Papang Pangketepang said...

Hi Charles, I'm Papang from Indonesia.

The one word I describe about your works is: "Inspiring"

I love how your arts inspiring me, they seems to have their own story to tell. We can easily get beautiful arts everywhere, but only a little number of arts can inspiring other. An I found them in your arts, both beautiful and inspiring.

Thank You for inspiring Me. :-)

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

Hey Charles-
your work in one phrase

All the way from Huntsville Al.
I love all your traditional stuff and kept up with you in sketchoholics.

Tim Robinson said...

Excellent Illustration.

Ted Blackman said...

Sir... you are a genius. But more than that, your friendship spans oceans.


superdaimos said...

from new jersey usa here!

the word is mesmerizing!

gudluck on the show and all the best!

Gabriel said...

Hello I'm from Brazil, and I really love your artwork.

I would describe it as " Fantasy adoreble"

Cha said...

Hi Charles!

I've always admired your work ever since the first time I visited your blog... I think the right word for your work would be "deeply magical"...

Congratulations on your art show and all the best for you to come!

Greetings from Indonesia here! :D

jocelyn renata said...

hi charles :D

i'm renata from Indonesia, the first time i saw your artwork I really feel in love for at the first sight! Your artwork really inspiring me :) so if I have to describe your work in one word it will be “special” because your work is really special and have the magic that have captured my eye and my heart :)
love all your work :D
I really wish I can go to Sydney to watch your show :( good luck on the show! :D

warm regard

jocelyn renata said...

i am sory i don't have a blog, but i follow your work on the facebook page and deviant art and regulary cheking you blog >_< really want your artbook so i decide to join your contest :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Charles! if i lived in Sidney i would go definetly but i am from México, my name is Raul and your work is really stunning, i follow you in devianart and fb, and always seeking whats new in your work, i dont wish you good luck, i wish you success!! cheers!! and my word would be kawaii!! that means charming! :)

jissa said...

inspiring. :)

All the best to you, sir Charles :)
Cheers from the Philippines ^^

Mike Bear said...

Hi Charles,
Awesome to see you're playing around with style and keeping busy! Very inspiring work!

I hope you're doing well. Any chance you will be making it to LA for the CTN Animation Expo?

Felix Tjahyadi said...

"I want what i see, I see what i want"

Xing Ying said...

congratulations on your solo show...too bad I'm not live in Sydney >_<

about your art?? hmm...when I see your arts, there are 2 things that come to my mind that there's "life" in yours and "I'm so small"

hha, I know it's not a good comment, I always has a very low confident regarding my arts especially because I see my arts lack of "life"...they're soulless (someone I adore stab me hard with that word before T^T)
some said that I'm thinking too much...well I dunno...All I know is I still need lots of practice and seeing a lively arts of yours really motivated me ^_^
so I'm glad I found your blog :)

anyway I'm from jakarta, indonesia...I found yours through PetshopBox who feature you in their recent post ^_^

Risti Tsani said...

Hi, Charles.

I saw one of your drawing and I thought, "Wow, I wish I could draw like that too." :D

Greetings from Indonesia. Have a very great show in Sydney!

Ania Tomicka said...

hugs from Italy :)

your work is LOVE

Amy Frost said...

I'm a relative newcomer from Andover, MA. I love your work.

I'd describe it as whimsical.

Scott Henricks Art said...

Hi Charles! Congratulations on the show, the book, everything you have going on! I just love your artwork! My words would be...Splendiferous Nutrition for the Eyeballs! Thanks for sharing your brilliant talent!

Scott (@sketch1027)

Katya Zoe said...

Hi!! Good luck with your show! My words.. Fun, Light, charming! Big fan of your work :D

Xavier said...

Love your work and good luck with the exhibition! The way that I would describe your work is, "awesomely magical!"


Wendi Chen said...

Congratulations on the solo show! Always a fan of your work, and happy to have a chance to win your art book~ :D I think I'll describe your artwork as "delightfully quirky!"

Dane Kirkland said...

Can't wait to see the show!! Been following your blog for a few years now and am super excited to see the work's in 'real life'!!!

Melinda Walker said...

From: Southern California
In one word you work is: dynamic

I also "liked" your facebook page :)

Have a super day!

Piero la lune said...

Thats my coment I am just working here that would save you the shiping to make me win eh
Ahh year of course and for no2 your work is great and you are magnificent ahah

Erin Hunting said...

Hey Charles, Sydney seems so far away even though I'm only in Melbourne! Best of luck with the show, I know it will be fantastic. As for word/s to sum up your work I would say 'Beautifully whimsical' :)

Carrie Rodriguez said...

Hey Charles!! :)
Whoa!! So glad to hear and see that you are doing so well.You've gone a long way from the weekly sketchoholic contests I've known you from. I'm so happy for you :) The wonderland piece is very absolutely stunning! :) Wish I could be there to see the show :)
Oh well..hopefully some other time :)
-your friend, Carrie! :)

I'm from the Philippines. :) I would describe YOU and YOUR WORKS as an absolute inspiration! :) Shows us all at what you can achieve when you are really focused on a goal and what hard work can really get you. :)

again, so happy for you Charles :)


Will said...

how i would i describe your work....


Joshy said...

Hi Charles,
I'm Joshua from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I really enjoy your work.

I would describe your art as "exuberant, beautiful, touching and inspirational!"

Red J said...

Hey Charles!

I'm hoping to get one of your books from you at your show, but I also wanted to show some support for you here. You already know I think your art rocks. I will say that your work is: Unique and Inspiring.

Hope to catch up soon man!


Samolo said...

Hey Charles! From Veracruz, Mexico here, in the middle of nowhere.

The word that comes to me when a think about your work is "tale". Everytime I see one of your piece I can't help but think that the are a whole tale by themselves and that words surely are hidden in one of your pencil strokes.

Erica Williams said...

Congrats on the solo show! :D
I would describe your work as sophisticated whimsy. Really love it.

Mo said...

I really dig your style and artwork. Pity you live on the other side of the world, therefore I cannot see you exhibition. Anyway: Good luck :)


Nosoysam said...

Hi, I'm from México and I just have one word to describe your work: Dreamy

Angela Matteson said...

I want in on this giveaway!

I'm from the midwest in the USA.

Your works are soulfully enchanting and technically magnificent!

I wish I could see your show in person. I love your unique style. Your works always put a smile on my face. Congrats on what is sure to be a very successful show!

Ander said...

Good brother,

your work is always beautifully inspirational and also a little bit dark but very cute which makes your work very unique. We are all proud with you and good luck for you always :)


Juriani Yo said...

Charles! I've been following your blog, facebook and twitter for long since I LOVE your artworks so much. If I have to give one word to describe it, then it'd be "Storytelling". All your works have some deep meaning in it somehow, like every artworks has their own story to tell whenever I look at them. They are Incredible! =)

Good luck on your solo show! Too bad I'm not in Australia, coz if I'm there, I'll definitely visit your solo show. I'm currently in Singapore, but I'm from Indonesia. GBU~

Fandy Soegiarto said...

Congrats for the artbook sir Charles :)

one word,your artwork is inspiring :D

I'm from Indonesia ,hehe and trying to be great artist like u one day :D :D

God Bless :)

melinda beavers said...

Admiring your work from ABQ, NM.

I'm not very good at describing work, especially my own… but yours I would say, strikes me as-

"uniquely stylized complex simplicity… w/adorableness on the side".

Thanks for sharing so much with us online!

Tim Isenman said...

One word: Magical.

Good luck to me, and a lifetime of success to you.


Charles Santoso said...

To all: Thanks very much for leaving your thoughts and replies here. I really appreciate it. :)

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