Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wonderland Show - Video

Hi guys,
As promised, here's the video of the Wonderland Show for those who've missed it or wasn't able to visit Sydney to see it in person :) Would love to hear your opinions about it - for a better view, please watch it in full screen or go to vimeo's link to view the HD version :).

"The story involved a boy who saw a girl jumping into a rabbit hole and decided to follow her."

Wonderland Show - Charles Santoso from Charles Santoso on Vimeo.

I'm also planning to sell some of the works online for a limited time. I'll put up the details here around next week. Please send me an email if you have any specific one that you would like to purchase.

Enjoy :)


Guiomar González said...

Lovely characters, congrats again!

Dalibor Dejanovic said...

Saw the video and the show looks great! I wish I was in Australia to see it. I absolutely love the work that you did for it!

Wouter Tulp said...

Awesome. Congratulations! I hope you will sell a lot!

Garmi said...

Great exhibition!! :) I didn't end up seeing the frames at the end because I was chatting to you so I'm glad you put up this video :)

Christina Escamilla said...

Simply beautiful! Wish I could have seen it in person :D

Mike Boldt said...

Charles! WOW, that was amazing! Your work is so beautiful and the story behind it all had me captivated.

Congrats! I hope the show was as fantastic for you as it looked!

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Hi Charles!!
Thanks for putting up the video and wow!!
All works are amazing!!
I absolutely love your characters :)
Congratulations and hope I can see your next exhibition in person!!


dwilson said...

Thanks for sharing this tour. It's great to see all the new pieces and especially to see them as a collection.

It's a wonderful concept to explore.

Jonas bm said...

Everything looks so wonderful - great way to tell a story. Now I really wish I could have gone :D

Oh, and I really love the sleeping Dormouse - breathtakingly adorable :D

You're awesome, Charles!

Patrick Awa said...

Hey Charles!

Congratulations again for the great show and thanks for sharing the video for some of your fans like me who were not able to attend there in person.
I really admire the way you managed to display all artworks along with the story.
Fantastic concept and great execution as always. I wish I could be there!

chibiaion said...

Wow that was really cool! The concept really sounds intriguing! I wish I was there. :-( buy aion accounts

Maria Bogade said...

This is terrific, Charles! Thanks so much for sharing! I very much like the concept of your exhibition!

Ted Blackman said...

Charles, really nice looking show and story telling, and the music was perfect.
If I have one criticism it might be the hand-held video, it was defeating the mood a bit because it was kinda shaky, but otherwise glad you posted this. Very cool. You should be proud of this great accomplishment, sir!

Charles Santoso said...

Thank you all for the kind responds, guys :)

Patrick: well.. your plant was there and made the exhibition a professional looking one :D so THANKS again! :D

Ted: Extra thank you for the feedback, Ted. Several people are mentioning the already and I'll definitely will keep this in mind for the future one :)

Eduardo Vieira said...

Congratulations Charles! Hope you had a great time there! =)

Pat said...

Thanks for the show tour, loved how it blended so well with the music you chose, and the entire sequence of art.
Each piece looks really beautiful Charles. You're awesome!

.. I'll wait for the info on the selling, I prefer to know which are available before getting too excited about one specific piece.

Chanp said...

Thank you for this video Charles. What a beautiful show this is, wish i could see it in person!

Amazing work as always, congratulations on this awesome solo!

Keith Zoo said...

Excellent work Charles! Love your illustrations, thanks for the tour around. Just curious- how did you get that cool haze-y effect on your video?

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