Friday, July 20, 2012

Daily Random Word Doodles - Part 12

RANDOM WORD DOODLES: Here’s number [46] to [49] of the series :)

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Ted Blackman said...

What?? More word doodles? I thought we were done.

I like 'Bread' the best. I like the little birdy peckin' bread.

ShinySpartan said...

Love it! Especially the turtle :D

Sombras blancas said...

"Fueling" is amazing :D

Austin Madison said...

"Fueling" is great, and I love the simple design of the fish on "barnacle". I'm drawing fish that way from now on.

Charles Santoso said...

Ted: I'm sorry.. I need to see counselling.. :P

ShinySpartan: Thank you!

Sombras blancas: Thank you :)

Austin: Thanks, man :) Glad you liking them.

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