Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Porco Rosso - Tribute

Hi all,
Hope things are going awesome at your end. Sorry if I haven't been active much here. These days I've been posting more often to my tumblr: :)

Here's my contribution to ‘The Movie Show’ ( at Maghen Gallery Paris (France) -

The groupshow will run from June 28 - July 30, 2013.

TITLE: Porco Rosso

Medium: Pencil on Arches Paper

Big thank you to Seb Mesnard and Olivier Souillé for the invitation! :)


Shawn Boyles said...

Wow! This is just gorgeous. Well done.

miniPau said...

The mighty sky!!!! Yup, don't forget us, bloggers...

Ted Blackman said...

Wow, you've been gone a LONG time. Good to see you come back occasionally, Sir. That's really cool, shades of Nausicaa.

Quite a few bloggers are focusing more on Tumbler lately. I tried Tumbler a bit but since the site encourages the reposting of your art it kind of freaked me out that my hard-earned gag ideas were being taken so easily, and posted to other people's sites.
I couldn't understand the benefit of that.

Charles Santoso said...

Shawn: Thank you!

miniPau: Thank you. I won't :)

Ted: Thank you, good sir :) Regarding tumblr, I see the reposting as further exposures for the work. I think as long as we post our website or name on the image..then it should be fine.. i hope :)

nita amelia junus said...

very nice illustration : )

nita amelia junus said...

Very nice illustration : )

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