Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I did Nothing - a Searle tribute

Title: I did Nothing

Medium: Ink, Pencil, Inkwash & Watercolours on Arches Paper

Dimensions: 7.5x9.5 inches (19x24 cm)

Hi all,
I did this Ronald Searle tribute piece for a fundraiser held by my Pixarian friend, Matt Jones. Please check the 'Searle in America' website for more info about the auction and to see great contributions by other artists. :)


Ted Blackman said...

Man, that's perfect. You nailed his style so well.

It appears that link is a Tumbler site. I got the password prompt when I tried to go to it.

Charles Santoso said...

Ted: Thank you, sir! I've updated the links... thanks for letting me know :)

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