Sunday, February 11, 2007

3 little pigs

Chinese New Year is approaching, however that's not the reason why I drew these pigs. I just had this quick idea about 3 little pigs.. trying to push the idea and also creating an illustration with a different approach. I got influence (using real texture) from one of Bobby Chiu's creature image. In the end it looks a bit like wallpaper to me, but I quite like the idea.

Let me know what do you think about this.



Anonymous said...

To me it does feel more like experimentation rather than final illustration, but it's a refreshing approaching :)

Nice to see your choice of texture and background related to the whole story :)

Keep it up,

Kei Acedera said...

I think its adorable..and the textures put a pop-graphic-ness to it--if ya know wat i mean :P

Charles Santoso said...

Thank you Jen & Kei.

Really appreciate your comments. :-D

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