Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Ehem... okay, I have an excuse for not drawing these couple of days (smack myself on the head). I'm currently learning HTML and CSS to build my website (Alfa Creative). So far it's been a hard and slow learning process for me, since I'm basically totally blind about this whole "coding" thing and learning only by reading books and articles on the net (edit: I also asked small questions to my colleague). Some (edit: most of the) times it's like hitting my head continuously on a brick wall. I hope (believe?) it's all worth it and I can break the brick wall with my head.

The good news is, right now the core layout for intro page is almost there (yay?). And on the side note, I'll be back for more drawings soon.


1 comment:

ozozoz said...

all the best in your study chao !

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