Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Alfa Creative Website is up!

Finally it's done! phew... Special thanks to my colleague Sam Bauers, the code king for the help in fixing some layout issue in IE 7.0.

You can visit Alfa Creative website by clicking here or simply use this address if the link is not working: http://www.alfacreative.net/

Enjoy! :-)

Note: Heroes rocks!!!



Ander said...

Just something you need to add in your website's About.. You said you taught.. but where did you teach?

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks thanks! I've updated the 'About' area. :-)

Emma Robertson said...

Hi Charles - I love your Website and Blogsite - they have a fun and fresh feel to them. I think all your efforts learning the code have paid off...and as always, your skills in drawing impress me too.

Steve Jobs (Apple) said in an interview last year that the only two things he looks for in prospective employees is an ability to draw, and good social skills.

Two out of two, buddy...

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