Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New pixels for Karma Go Go

Hi there,
Yes, I was dissapeared for a while. My excuse are workload, tired, and all the stuff which I shouldn't say.. Ok ok.. honestly, I was a bit lazy in the last few days or weeks - I played games: Final Fantasy XII, watched some TV series: Heroes & How I met your mother and well... sleep a lot ... I do hope it'll change soon.

On the bright side, I've started to redo my Karma Go Go characters.. starting with the Hero. I've done 2 really simple animations for now.. in Nintendo DS size. Other characters pixels and designs will spring out soon.

Any comments & crits will be appreciated. :-)


1 comment:

Ander said...

Seeing your blog here, I've just remembered to tell you something. About a project that my friend wanted to start. Maybe if you have time to call, remind me ok?

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