Saturday, June 23, 2007


Hi all,
I tried to push more saturation for this image. Tried to get more 'comical' feeling to it. I've kept the subjects, compositions and lighting as simple as possible for this one, for a practice purpose. I hope you like it!

Comments and crits are more than welcome :-)



Bobby Chiu said...

I like the little blue guy

Nice design. I like the little sketches of the blue guys you posted before as well!

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks, Bobby! Really appreciate your comment. :-D


Ander said...

Hi bro! Great pics!! Especially the robot and the tree :).. Got the feeling and good impression on it.
For this blue vs monster, I feel like it's lacking something. Maybe something like the courage of the blue and the hunger of the monster.. or maybe it's just me? :D
But overall, it's great.. :)

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks thanks. That's a great feedback! Will definitely think about it in the future!


Alina Chau said...

Love the characters!!

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