Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bang! and robot update

Hi all,
Firstly, thank you for those who've commented my works :-) Here're some quick updates for 2 of my images. I hope you like them. I'll polish them even further soon. Meanwhile, crits and comments are appreciated. :-)

EDIT: I've added a bit more shininess into the robot (thank for the feedback, Bobby). I hope it looks better now. I've also added the sepia version (with a bit of noise) of it.



Bobby Chiu said...

Hey Charles,

I like the new head of the monster! The robot illo on the top is great too. I'd add a bit more specularity on the robot to create some nice diversity in textures.

wonderful job!

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks, Bobby. That's a great feedback. Will update it soon!


Ander said...

Ah, I see that you updated the monster.. Well, you understood my point then, the monster now looks menacing :).. Great job bro :))
But still I couldn't feel how the robot confronts the monster or why. Does he protect himself from the monster or is he the one who attacks the monster and the monster is protecting itself? Just my point of view ^^

Ander said...

I forgot to add.. For the robot and the tree, I like the B&W one better. It looks like something in the past and looks more.. hmm.. dramatic maybe? I couldn't find the word, but that's the feeling :D.. Just my personal preference ^^

Piya said...

Hey, a fellow schoolism classmate! Nice stuff dude. Great, now I feel so behind...guess I'll just have to work harder. But seriously, you've used everything Bobby taught and then some. Be checking back for more!

Charles Santoso said...

Hiya, Piya. Nice to see you here :-) Really appreciate your kind words.


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