Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Puss in Boots WIP

Hi all,
Here it is.. the first WIP for my next illustration; Puss in Boots. I'll develop the character more later. I'm thinking of an alternate story for it.. maybe about a boy who received a broken cat robot from his dying dad.. then in the end repairing modifying the cat with jet legs (boots) or something like that (still unsure about this...).

Anyhow.. here's the very first colour rough for a normal puss to start the idea.. ehem.. darker one I hope. Will clean the sketch up and fix some issue soon :-) I'm working from unsaturated colours for this one. Something which I recently learned from Bobby Chiu.

Please let me know your thought about it.

EDIT (04/07/07): I've cleaned up the sketch more.. Almost ready to move to the next step I guess.
EDIT (05/07/07): Another progress...



Piya said...

I like the atmosphere. Dark and dank, the way a sewer should be. If you're going to do a sci fi take on him, how about a lightsaber style rapier or something to that effect?

hengky said...

keren char, tapi kok mukanya jadi nggak terlihat jelas (si kucing n kepala yang terpenggal)

Bobby Chiu said...

Hehehe... I'm not sure what hengky said but I think he likes it!

I like it too. Nice job Charles!

Charles Santoso said...

Piya: thanks! no.. not for this one. :-) this one is just a normal cat. I'll probably do the sci-fi version next time.

Hengky: ntar gua bakalan kontras-in lagi, ky. masih progres :-)

Bobby: Thanks, Bobby! Hengky said: Cool Char, but how come both heads are not showing that clear? and I replied: because it's still in progress.. I'll add more contrast later on :-)

Anonymous said...

haha your drawings are cool~
(stumbled here from Jason's blog)

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