Monday, July 16, 2007


Hi all,
I'm sorry for being a bit quite last week. I was attending workshops by Iain McCaig (Concept artist for Star Wars and many other films) and Paul Topolos (Pixar's matte painter). I must say that it was a blast! It was full of inspirations and the whole week has basically changed my life (apart from my 26th birthday last week). :-D I'm in fully motivated mode right now, starting do life drawing and practice more and more! Go go go!!

Below are some quick sketches for a modified version of 'Wizard of OZ' characters (for the workshop). They were made in a very short period of time. Sorry if the qualities are a bit low.



Piya said...

I like the new takes on each character. The ET shirt's a nice touch. Did you ever read Wicked?

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks, Piya. No, unfortunately not. I heard it's quite interesting yes? About the origin of wicked witch of the west?

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