Saturday, February 02, 2008

A late New Year resolution :-)

Hello all,
Sorry for a bit of 'blabla' for this post. :-)
Since the start of new year, I've keep thinking about how I want to drive myself in the coming half, one and five years time. What I really want to do and how can I achieve the goals. It's kind of a new year resolution in a way. The difficult thing is, the more I think about it.. the more confuse I am. I think I'm too greedy in a way, since I want a lot of stuff to happen, I want too many new skills and knowledge in my belt. I guess I'm easily amused by a lot of things, for example, when I see great photography.. then I want to be good at photography and when I see a great artwork of certain style, then I wish I'm going to that direction, etc etc. The reality is.. it's impossible to gain those skills and knowledge all at once. People need time to really hone their skills.. in most cases it takes their whole life to master 1-2 skills. After thinking it through, in the end, I think what I really want to do is to create and tell stories and hopefully can give effect to people who sees them (happy, sad, etc.. depending on the story). So.. I'll just have to learn anything which can support what I want to do.. and take small steps to get closer to the end of this 'exciting endless journey'.

For this year, I'm planning to focus on developing my personal short story while improving my drawing and painting skill in the process. To be realistic, I think this going to take a while, but I'll try my best to do it.

I'm typing the list here just incase if I started to drift away from my initial focus:
1. Developing short story (up to concept art and storyboard)
2. Learn to draw and paint better (a never ending journey)
3. Learn a basic 3D modeling skill (just enough to build a proxy model)
4. Learn as much as possible from other great artists out there (another never ending thing)

I think that's it for this year.. quite broad but.. still realistic right? :-P Bring it on!!

Other than that, my day time job has been busy and tiring (but exciting). I have learned heaps in the past 2 months and have enjoyed the whole process greatly :-)

"It's never too old for you to learn!"
-Iain McCaig-

Here's a quick sketch for today:


Bobby Chiu said...

Great new year's resolutions Charles! It's quite a bit but I believe you're the type of person that can do it!

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks for the support, Bobby. It really means a lot!

Emma Robertson said...

I think your resolutions sound clean and clear...and writing them down makes them "real" - something to refer back to. There is a great video of Steve Jobs at Stanford presenting to students on the mistakes he made and what they taught him, so some Goal Free stuff is healthy too! Check him out on iTunes...

And I agree with Bobby - Charles will get there, no problem!



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