Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday environment

Hi all,
A quick environment image for today :-) I feel it still a bit too clean. Need to learn more about creating better environment image. One step at a time I guess.. hehe.

Hope you enjoy.

PS: I just realise something.. I think I draw too much rocks these days.. quite similar ones too :-( Need to break up from those.

1 comment:

Piya said...

Hey dude. Maybe you feel it needs something more, but I will root for you saying that your composition is nice. Everything else is just frosting, so you've got it where it counts. I'd just say make some textured brushes (and Bobby taught us that so you have no excuse!!) and use that on the rocks. Maybe some defined clouds? Keep it up okay?! By the way, did you get my email?

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