Monday, August 09, 2010

I Heart Laputa

I always have a soft spot for Laputa. It's pretty much my favourite anime when I was a kid. It was the first Ghibli Studio movie that i watched.. long before Totoro (I watched Totoro when I was around 16 yo). I think I watched Laputa when I was 8 or something.. on Beta.. and I was really impressed and totally in love with the characters, story and music! and it stuck in my head for a long time.. I even had a sudden dream about the music one day when I was around 18 yo. I recently watched it again on DVD after almost 15 years of refraining myself to - because I was afraid it might ruin my childhood memory. To my relief.. the movie still looks and feels so good!! I love it even more now! :D

So I can't help but to do another piece for Dice Tsutsumi's contest.. this time.. it's Laputa!

Title: Laputa
Medium: Pencil & Digital

Enjoy :)

NB: Have most of you watched the movie already? If not.. please watch it! Recommended :D


Maria Bogade said...

Hi Charles, I know exactly what you are talking about! Laputa is certainly one of my favourite Ghibli movies too, even though I discoverd it only a couple of years ago! There is a special quality and feeling to all Ghibli movies!

This illustration is again, like all your art wonderful!

Jonas bm said...

Well, I'm a sucker for Studio Ghibli, especially Miyazaki's stuff, so I'll have to watch this some time.

It's funny I didn't even consider making my entry about a movie. In Danish, 'anime', as well as 'manga', have become terms of style. Totoro, for instance, is a Japanese animated film, rather than anime.

Again, your style just works so well here. It kinda captures and shows off the childhood and wonderment aspects of the theme. This goes for both.

Good luck in the contest. As far as I can tell, the prize is a painting of Doraemon.

Pirate Trish said...

Laputa was the first Ghibli movie I ever saw and to this day it's my favorite and it's not just the visuals I love how caring all the people in Pazu's town are. It's one of those rough life but full of kind people sorts of life. I like the scene you chose to illustrate, it was one of the more haunting ones.

Ted Blackman said...

Beautiful work, sir! Just stumbled onto you and I'm impressed. -Ted

Charles Santoso said...

Maria: yes! definitely! :D Thanks for the visit!

Jonas: ah ic ic.. that's really interesting. but yeah.. definitely have to watch Laputa! it's good!

Pirate Trish: Thank you for the visit and kind comment :) Yes.. really like Pazu.. I wanted to be him when I was a kid hehe

Ted Blackman: Thank you, sir!

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Hi :)
Congratulations on the Sketchoholic contest!
I'm so glad I found your blog. Your works are truly inspiring!
I grew up with Doraemon and all the Miyazaki films as well and your interpretation on those characters are very unique!
Keep posting please!


Aaron Wilkin said...

congratulations on wining the contest!!!! Your pieces are very cool!!!

vincent said...

Hello. Just discovered your blog, so that's a little message to say how I like this style of work.

Mike Bear said...

Sweet, I just found your blog after watching the interview with Dice. Love your work and I'm with you on Laputa. I only discovered it a few years ago and it's one of my favorite animated films.

I really enjoy your work, and you've inspired me to participate in the Sketchaholic contests.

Jenniferwho? said...

The funniest thing happened after I watched the movie.
I went outside and I saw a rainbow, no lie.

That's when I knew it was magic.

Anonymous said...

Great drawings. I have to watch Laputa now.

ps. I heart Doraemon too. I used to beg my parents to buy me dorayaki so I can eat them while watching the show.

Charles Santoso said...

Junko: Thank you for the visit and kind words, Junko. I'll try my best to keep posting whenever I can :) Thanks!

Aaron: Thanks, man!

vincent: thanks for the nice comments! :D

Mike Bear: yeah.. Laputa is one of the best.. definitely :) Thanks for the nice words and yes, definitely participate in the sketchaholic. It'll be fun! Love your works in your blog btw.. superb!

Jinniferwho?: hahaha that's awesome! :D

Griselda: hehehe.. i knew dorayaki from the show too. :) Thanks for stopping by, Griselda. I'm a fan of your works!

Carrie Rodriguez said...

aaaaww, I love Laputa :) My favorite Ghibli movie would be Ponyo and Spirited Away though..
Great composition Charles. Congrats on winning the contest :)

Joe Lee said...

duuude u won?! wow!! u get a dice original. cool!

Ben said...

Ah! La-pu-ta! Great film and your image is great too Charles

Aleta Vidal said...

amazing stuff, love your blog. cheers!

Charles Santoso said...

Carrie: Thank you, Carrie :)

Joe: yeah! crazy! I'm super stoked!! XD

Ben: Thanks, Ben!

Aleta: Thanks for the visit, Aleta :)

Spawned_Fighter said...

love this style of art.
plus with one of my fave movies

great job, love it

Wendi Chen said...

Oh, this is just SO wonderful. Laputa is my favorite movie of all time; I watched it when I was maybe 10 yrs old with a Japanese family friend, and it struck such a chord with me back then that I could never forget it. This illustration captures the mystery and magic of that moment very nicely!

ti-igra said...

WOW! I fall in love with this picture! :)

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