Monday, August 16, 2010

Dragon's Nightmare

Hi all,
A new one from me for the usual Sketchoholic contest (this time.. it's Chris Sanders!!) :) The theme on this one is 'Nightmares'. Technically it was a bit of a struggle with this image. The first idea was to have the dream in 'Ukiyo-e' style, but I ran out of time.. I also had to tweak the value quite a bit digitally. I hope the message/idea still come across clearly though.

I'm interested to hear what you think the story in this image is. Some people came up with some interesting ones when I asked them. :)

Title: Dragon's Nightmare
Medium: Pencil and Digital

Hope you enjoy! :D


Some progress images - not all of them, since most of the sketches were quite scribbly:


Gabby Zapata said...

This is great! it definitely reads correctly :) I wish you the best in the contest!

Emily said...

This is so so adorable- I'm in the process of finishing my piece for the same contest, and as soon as I saw it, I wanted to use my vote for this piece and throw down my pencil - too wonderful!

Charles Santoso said...

Gabby: Thank you, Gabby :) Are you submitting one yourself?

Emily: thanks a lot for your support and just want to let you know that I like your submission! Beautiful! All the best to you :D

Maria Bogade said...

Wow this is amazing! I rella love the homur in this one and your whole style and technique is beautiful as ever!!!!

Carrie Rodriguez said...

hey charles!
Noticed you've been focusing a lot on your traditional work,e? Doing really good. I love the values in the grayscale version of the piece and how it looked sorta 3D when colors were added. I didn't really get the idea of it though. (probably just me) The dragon's den was burned down by the woman and child? anyway.

Hope you win! Good Luck!

Juan Bauty said...

Hi Charles, this is absolutely beautiful!!

Jonas bm said...

Oh man, this looks awesome. Love the dreamcloud and the fact that it comes out the dragon's nostrils like smoke.

As for the story, I'm guessing the woman has been saved from the dragon, and that makes him sad. Am I even close?

Anyway, best of luck :D

Charles Santoso said...

Maria: Thank you, Maria :) Glad you enjoyed it.

Carrie: hey! :) yes I am.. traditional has some qualities that I quite like.. plus it's a good practice. Regarding the idea haha.. you come up with another interesting one :) The basic idea was the dragon's nightmare but I just love hearing what people come up when they see the image. so.. thank you!

Juan Bauty: Thank you, Juan :)

Jonas: Thanks, man! heheh yeah.. samurai rescue a princess and burn down the dragon's den... that's one of the basic story. :) One of my friend actually come up with "the dragon transformed into a human and rescue the princess.. and burned down another dragon's den.. which freaks the dragon out".. :P

Jonas bm said...

Well, that interpretation sounds like a lot of fun. Definitely a dragon's nightmare :D

Thanks for stopping by.

jesse winchester said...

AWESOME entry man! You got my vote!

Steve Harpster said...

I'm really enjoying your work. I like your pencil rendering and your unique style.

Howard Shum said...

Beautiful drawing!

Ted Blackman said...

He's dreaming about the one that got away. I have that dream sometimes. Beautiful rendering. Ted

Mike Bear said...

yeah dude, really like your entry. i'm not sure if how i read it is the right way. i took it that the two characters were happy that they set the dragon's cave on fire. and they are laughing at his misfortune. though i'm not sure if fire is dangerous to the dragon.

Charles Santoso said...

jesse: Thanks a lot for your vote, man! Really appreciate it :D

Steve Harpster: Thanks, Steve! Still keep searching and refining my 'voice'. Glad you liking it so far.

Howard Shum: Thank you, Howard.

Ted Blackman: that's a great one, Ted! so the flame is from the angry dragon inside the cave! Brilliant!

Mike Bear: man.. your entry was really nice! and that a good point! dragon is actually not afraid of fire hahaha.. but.. what if the warrior stabbed the dragon first then set the cave on fire? :D Thanks for your visit!


Really great to hear your opinion and story interpretation of this image. so fun! :D

Anonymous said...

another awesome illustration. just out of curiosity, how long does it usually take you from sketch to finish?

Charles Santoso said...

Hi Griselda,
For pencil rendering like this.. it depends on the size. this one was done in my moleskin sketchpad, so it's quite a small one. Took me around 2-3 days to finish (after work).. so.. maybe around 10-12 hours-ish? the longest time is to get the idea/story i guess :)

Thanks a lot for the kind words. Your submission to gallery nucleus was beautiful btw :)

bill said...

Nice to have stumbled across your work. I'm really excited to follow your journey. Very beautiful touch.

Charles Santoso said...

Bill: wow! thank you for the visit and your kind words, sir! Really like your works too. :)

Anonymous said...

wow your pencil work is amazing!!!!!

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