Sunday, September 26, 2010

Live Interview and Original Pencil Drawing

Hi guys,
The super talented Bobby Chiu will interview me LIVE on the Sketchoholic site. I'm really honoured and stoked about this. I don't have many experience with interviews.. so I'm a bit nervous about it but I'll try my best to share some of my thoughts with you guys. :) It'll be fun!

It'll happen on the Friday 1st October 2010 (America/New_York time) at 19:00:00 - which converts to Saturday 2nd October 2010 (Australia/Sydney time) 09:00:00 (day light saving).

In the tradition of Sketchoholic interview, there is a contest that's coming along with it. The topic for my contest is "Nocturnal". Obviously, it somehow related to the recently released "Legend of the Guardians" movie. Please don't feel that you need to draw/paint/sculpt owls though :)

The winner will get my original pencil drawing and also a free copy of Corel® Painter™ 11!

and here's the drawing:

Title: Nocturnal
Size: 20x23 cm (total with white border)
Medium: Pencil on Arches paper

This pencil drawing is dedicated to all of you who have worked hard to think and hatch ideas, stories and all other positive things and keep doing what they love to do :)

The real thing :)


Hope you can have fun with the topic. I really look forward to checking your submissions. :)

For more details, please visit SKETCHOHOLIC site.

PS: I'll be grateful if you can also help me spread the word about this event :) Thank you in advance.


Gabby Zapata said...

ahh how exciting! congrats! hopefully I have time to enter :)!

rodrigoart said...


:::Julia Lundman::: said...

oh wow - congratulations! i really love your work a lot. you always have something new and different, and so fun and interesting to look at.

congrats again!


Christof G. said...

ooooooh I NEED that drawing!! :D

Carrie Rodriguez said...

Wow! awesome! really stoked that you're doing pretty well. Plus that drawing is amazing Charles!


Cécile said...

I love how you transformed his brows/fur to a nest... so poetic ! Owl's are so fashionable, keep drawing some !!

Charles Santoso said...

Gabby: Thank you! Hope you can submit something, Gabby :)

Rod: lol! thanks, rod!

Julia Lundman: Thank you for your visit, Julia. Really appreciate your kind words :)

Christof G.: Glad you like the drawing, Christof :D

Carrie: Thanks, Carrie!

Cécile: Thank you, Cécile! :D Hope you're doing great.

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Wow this is so exciting!! I want your drawing soooo much!!!!!
Very much looking forward to your interview :D
By the way, I went to see "Legend of the Guardians"! It was incredible! People who have worked on this movie (including you!) must know owls inside out! Really awesome movie :)


Jonas bm said...

This is so awesome!! Been looking forward to this ever since Bobby mentioned it some time ago. Great topic, too - will be fun :D

Gee Hale said...

WoooWW! Awesome! Gonna try and watch this one! :D The drawing is super cool!!!

Charles Santoso said...

Junko: Thanks, Junko. So glad you like the drawing and the movie :) Hope you can make it to the interview.

Jonas: Thanks, man! :)

Gee: Thx, Gee! Hope you're doing well.

Jack Foster said...

Congrats on the movie Charles. Saw it yeterday! Amazing!!! Great little illo you doodled up for the sketchaholic contest and interview. Don't be nervous... you work speaks for itself..... God bless!

Joe Lee said...

very cool dude, im sure u'll do fine. thats a lovely piece. sadly with work, i dont have much time to submit something. goodluck!

firman (fthesign) said...

hi there, congrats on the movie and also the interview. btw you are Indonesian, aren't you? well me and friends who are admin from indocg forum would like to put you as our guest in our forum. we would like to put your profile and interview you just a little then put it in our front page, if you don't mind.we believe it might inspire another Indonesian artist. pls let me know what do you think about our plan, ok? our forum is at :)

Charles Santoso said...

Jack Foster: Thanks a lot for your support, Jack. and glad you liked the movie :)

Joe: Heya, man! good to see you here. Thanks for the kind words and all the best with your current project!

firman: Thanks for the kind words, man. Yeah, definitely... will be honoured to do it (great forum btw) :) You can send email to charles(at) and we can talk further about it.

Piya said...

Charles! A big congratulations on your interview! Unfortunately, I don't think I can make it. My mother is flying home tomorrow night and I haven't seen her in three weeks. I really REALLY wish I could take part! I will be submitting something, but I'm not even sure if I can, since I can't attend the interview! If I can't, I guess my submission can just be removed.

Once again, huge congratulations! And also, congratulations on "Legend of the Guardians"!!

Charles Santoso said...

Piya: Thanks a lot, Piya! and yes! of course you can submit something even though you won't be able to attend the interview :D

All the best to you, man.. and have a great weekend. Really appreciate your message :)

mjasnowski said...

Congrats and good luck on the interview tonight, can't wait to listen :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Indonesia will proud of you with your works! Salam bangga from iProud!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. Life always

Malgorzata Arska said...

so great !

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