Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Tribute...

Hi all,
Here's a humble tribute to one of the greatest comic strip/story ever - Calvin & Hobbes! I really love Calvin and Hobbes.. to me, the characters and story are just pure genius! Would love to hear your opinion about it :) What do you like about Calvin and Hobbes?

This image was also done for a contest at Superpunch blog - eventhough I'm not actually eligible for it (only for US citizen).. but couldn't pass a reason for drawing these 2 characters. In the end, the guy at superpunch was kind enough to post it on the blog. Thanks, John!


Regarding my interview & contest at sketchoholic... I was having such a great time. Bobby Chiu was an awesome interviewer - Thanks, Bobby! I have to admit that everything was a bit blurry after I finished haha. Can't seems to remember what I talked about on the interview. I just hope I wasn't blabbering too much about non-related stuff.

Congrats to Peter Chan (for winning the pencil drawing) and Greig Rapson (for winning the Corel Painter 11)! Really awesome job!

Peter Chan's entry

Greig Rapson's entry

Also, thank you so much for those who've submitted your entries. Lots of really really awesome and creative works. 96 beautiful entries in total! What more can I asked for. :) woah!


Pat said...

I really like the innocence of those two. Your tribute is lovely, I really like the color on it.

Scott Altmann said...

Wow- Peter and Greig's entries are awesome. I know Peter's work, but I'll have to look up more of Greig's. The C & H homage is perfect :)

mattanimation said...

For me Calvin was the creative mind I used to have and wish I still had.

Junko Miyakoshi said...

I very much enjoyed your interview! And good to finally see you :)
Keep inspiring all the artists out there!


Anonymous said...

Rock on! Great tribute!

Charles Santoso said...

Pat: Thank you for the visit and of course, the kind comment :)

Scott: Heya Scott! :) Yeah.. they're awesome! In the end I throw my responsibility to the audiences and ask them to choose the winner hahaha.. it was close hence the prize split. :) phew..

Matt: I'm sure you have it! :)

Junko: Thank you so much, Junko. Glad you like it. Did I look nervous? hahaha :)

TheDanwich: Thanks, man!

mjasnowski said...

Love the Calvin and Hobbes, for me they represent the imagination that lies at our hearts. On the interview side, I thought you did a great job, you didn't appear to nervous :)

Mike Bear said...

I'm sorry I missed your contest. I'm watching your interview now, so cool! And congrats on the release of Legends of the Guardians. Great Calvin and Hobbes piece too, you made it your own.

Jonas bm said...

Yeah, you did great in the interview. Some really good words of wisdom in there. Will have to watch it again some time.

I know very little about Calvin and Hobbes, but there's a great sense of joy and playful movement in the drawing :D

Keep being awesome!!

Carrie Rodriguez said...

eeeps I love calvin and hobbes :Dthe interview was awesome charles! great entries as well. :D but yeah Peter Chan's was really beautiful. :D

Gerald de Dios said...

Whoa, I love your entry! That was a sure winner.

Charles Santoso said...

mjasnowski: Thank you :)

Mike Bear: Heya Mike. Thanks a lot! Good to seeing you here again :)

Jonas: Cheers, Jonas. You had a cool entry! and regarding Calvin and Hobbes.. try to read it, I'm sure you'll love it!

Carrie: Thank you for your support, Carrie :D

Gerald de Dios: Thanks for your visit :) You have a nice entry for the contest too. Good luck!

Mike Bear said...

Hi Charles, thanks for droppin' by the blog. After listening to your interview it hit on several subjects that I've been thinking about lately.

One is style, and looking at different influences and getting sorta stretched thin by your influences.

The other is about learning. Sometimes I think I need to draw certain things for my portfolio so I can have more job options. Like for example, I would love to be really good at drawing robots and mechanical things, but I'm not sure I have the natural ability to be good at drawing mechanical things. Do you keep trying to learn something that is seemingly outside of your range, or do you stick with subject matter that is more in line with your instincts. For example, I get the impression that some people are really good at characters, but weaker at environments, or the opposite. It seems that you can almost take on too much learning and become a concept artist that is a jack-of-all subject matter, but master of none.

What are you thoughts on this?

Charles Santoso said...

Heya Mike,
Regarding style.. after listened to some talks and discussed this with several of my friends, in my opinion, each individual always have their own 'style'. This is mostly shaped by their experience in life. I guess if we embrace the 'self-discovering' journey and try to stay true to ourself, we can hopefully find our own true style.. our own view point of the world - since it's really easy to be overshadowed by others and mimic others too much (mimicking others is fine for a study purpose though). A bit philosophical here hahaha, but i hope you get what i mean. Again, this is just my personal opinion and it's a journey that I'm currently on too at the moment (the self-discovering journey).

The learning part… I guess we always have to find our own strength and interest in the end, this what makes us valuable for the workplace. As I mentioned before in the interview.. it's important to find out what's the industry like in your area or in the area that you're aiming at - what project they're currently doing or about to do.

Btw, if you look at James Gurney's work.. oh boy! He can design everything from historical scene to sci-fi to.. pretty much everything! and in the end I think it comes down to how much interested you are in learning new things - I think James Gurney always communicate and learn from different expert in different areas depending the job that he's doing, like mechanics, engineers, etc for designing machines.. and archeologists, zoologist, etc to design creatures. This 'collaboration' what makes him so good in the end. I think that's what's important.. the desire to learn new things and have that open mind to take suggestions from others (especially experts from other areas) - of course sometimes time is an issue.. so this really depends. :) In the end it's all about the story too.. i guess you do everything you can to design/learn stuff that serve the purpose of the story that you or the clients are making.

Again this is my current personal thought on this. :) Some other people might have other opinions and I would love to hear them.

Thanks for bringing this up. Such a nice topic!

- c

Cécile said...

Hi Charles, very interesting topic indeed. I'm trying to find 'my style' but can't figure it out. I guess other people can see it, as I see this nice Calvin & Hobbes yours. I love them too, great job on keeping Watterson's spirit!

As for challenging yourself on drawing other things... well I've tried and I'm not feeling comfortable with it, so for now I'll just develop what I'm good at, and slowly learn other areas (colours, environments), hopefully by collaborating with talented artists in my next job. Like you said, inspiration is the best way to open your abilities, but it's hard to not copy it (even unintentionnaly). I guess the aim is not the most important then, only the learning process. If you've stopped learning there's nothing exciting about what you're doing :)

Keep learning and posting to inspire us !

Anonymous said...


thanks for dropping by ^^ and you're welcome btw Next interview is this week btw with Daniela Strijleva! Should be awesome again ^^ Still need to start on the paint :s See ya there :)

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