Monday, December 06, 2010

Listening to my Dream

UPDATE: 11/12/2010
This is what happen if I just listen to my dream and not caring about reality..


Camouflage - 11/12/2010


Sasquatch - 10/12/2010


Three Wise Monkeys - they care no more.. :P

Daily weirdness - 9/12/2010


Here's today's weirdness (8/12/2010) - Block Head:


Here's today's weirdness (7/12/2010) - Fox Prince:


Title: Can't even think of any title for this haha - you can decide
Medium: Pen & a bit of digital

I do hope you enjoy :)


Erin Hunting said...

Lovely work, nice to see more stripped back linework as I'm a sucker for lines :)
Also, do I see a bit of Shaun Tan influence?

Scott Altmann said...

haha- I like this man! Let those ideas out...purge!

Monstertree said...

Nice! I like the linework and the shapes you used.

Charles Santoso said...

Erin: Thank you, Erin. Shaun Tan's influence? who knows.. a bit of everything I think. I'm generally taking influence from everything around me constantly :) Especially from stuff that I see on the street, etc.. but with this one.. I just let my brain and hand went on auto mode. :P hehe

Scott: Thanks, Scott :D

Monstertree: Thanks a lot, George

Jonas bm said...

Really digging this, man. Could, and probably will, look at this for hours. The lines, especially makes it come alive :D

So this was done with pen, directly? No underdrawing?

Gabby Zapata said...

ooOooo I like seeing something different of yours! Very interesting. I think my dreams are too twisted to draw it down. Awesome. :)

Junko Miyakoshi said...

This is very interesting!
Hmm.."Elephant in deep thoughts" maybe?? :)


Toby said...

haha just title it awesome

Charles Santoso said...

Jonas: Thanks, Jonas. Yes, it was done directly with pen.

Gabby: you should try to draw them it's fun. :)

Junki: thx, Junko. hmmm 'Deep thought' is a good title :D

Toby: lol!

Jonas bm said...

I see - cool :D Nice silhouette on the Fox Prince.

Ted Blackman said...

I think you're onto something Charles, these are cool.

Pat said...

the last one looked like an elephant with an ice cream the first time i saw it.
All cool and good weird :D

Anthony Holden said...

super cool sketches!

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks for the nice words, guys :)

Patrick Awa said...

Wow, they are all really really cool sketches, man! You rock.

BTW, I have sent a copy of my book a while ago, it should get there before too long. Sorry for taking a while to finally get back to you. Hope you enjoy it.

Monstertree said...

Sasquatch and the monkeys are the best yet! Enjoying this dream series ;)

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Wow, very nice stuff!

Charles Santoso said...

Patrick: Thanks a lot, Patrick. Can't wait!! Hope all is going great at your end.

Monstertree: Thanks, George :D Glad you like them.

Megan: Thanks for the visit, Megan :)

rodrigoart said...


gorgeous stuff, i love them all man.

Carrie Rodriguez said...

wow, you just keep getting better and better charles! :)

I loved the block head one and the three wise monkeys! :)

Jonas bm said...

Man, you just keep going, don't you :D

Is that the Sasquatch again in the Camouflage one? It's cool to see him in more of a scene.

Keep it up :D

Domee said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments! :D Your work is such an inspiration!

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks so much, guys :)

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