Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black-White-Red boy

Hi all. I'm trying out a style :)

What do you think? :)

Note: I'm in the process of making a couple of pencil rendering images to support Dice Tsutsumi "Artists Help Japan". I'm planning to sell it through this blog.. via paypal. Stay tuned. :)


Pat said...

I like it's warm in the middle of a cold image.
Looks cute, and yes, different, but I like how you manage depth and colours that look so clean.

Is that bird guiding him to a secret place of happiness?
*follows bird*

Erin Hunting said...

I think this is really effective, lovely compostion with the trees framing the figure. And it has a real storybook feel to it. I like that bright/hard morning sunlight you've included too.
I would tend to think your new style is pretty great :)

Ted Blackman said...

Sir Charles, nice use of foreground, middle, and background levels to create depth. In animation this would be a panning BG with a foreground overlay which would move at a faster rate than the characters and background trees. But what is the story? Is the boy following the bird? I feel there is a story here.

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Nice! Interesting composition and it definitely draws your eyes to the main characters, the boy and the bird.
Like other people are saying, it feels there's a story behind this piece. What is it? :)


rodrigoart said...

yeah, it's got a story...the bird is representing hope, and it is flying away, because the boy is addicted to crack. The long black stems of the tree are indicative of the blood vessels covered in toxic tar from the smoke. His pouch contains his crack pipe. Am i right charles? You are a dark soul indeed.
love it though!

Eduardo Vieira said...

I really liked the composition here, Charles. Nice use of Camera focus too, blurring the 1st plan in order to keep focus on the character and the bird. Also, the sense that it has a story around here brings even more attention to it! About the style, I think it's one of the things that concerns me the less in the picture, since it is so well solved in the other aspects, that it drags my attention to story and details, like lights, shades, compostion and movement, other than to style. I know, My comment may not be the most encouraging one, but don't misunderstand me, what i tried to say is that the pic is awesome! =)

Mauricio said...

This is really nice, and I love the subtle color tones in the bleached out light areas. It totally keeps it from feeling monochromatic or even gray.

Scott Altmann said...

very cool -dig the graphic quality of it!

Maria Bogade said...

I really like the composition and depth you created! Wonderful lighting too!

Charles Santoso said...

YES! I love how people starting to guess the story :) Thanks, guys!

Pat: Thank you! Following the red bird is the first clue! :D

Ted: A story is in the making, sir :D I will hopefully reveal it later :)

Junko: For now, you have to fill the gap yourself :D Thank you :D

Rod: HAHAHHAHAHAHA!! Awesome! What's up, bro?

Eduardo: No no.. your comment and analysis is superb! that's actually a compliment for me :) Thank you! and I always appreciate others constructive feedback :D

Mauricio, Scott & Maria: Thank you so much, guys!

ROTO said...

brilliant! very inspiring work, i just love it!

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