Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thank you! :)

I made this image as a way for me to say thank you to everyone who visit this blog of mine. Extra thank you for those who keep leaving comments here! I truly appreciate it :)

The Woofie is looking confuse, not because he's not happy.. but he's just not used to all the attentions he received recently. :D Also.. he's still upset about the earthquake in Japan.. :(

Enjoy! :D

Note: Artists Help Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund is responding to the immediate needs of survivors as well as short-term to long-term recovery projects undertaken by the affected communities.

Dice Tsutsumi has partnered with Give2Asia, which has a local team based in Tokyo to assess the current situation in Japan and to obtain more information on the needs of survivors. Give2Asia helped animation industry famous Totoro Forest Project efficiently send fund to Japan and has a great reputation when it comes to humanitarian efforts in Asia.

Please go to his site for information about how you can help out.


Jun said...

somehow looks like he's lilo's sibling, chao.

Junko Miyakoshi said...

I'm still upset too.. :(
I'm trying to help spread the fund as well.
It's been a rough time since the earthquake, but at the same time it's very encouraging to see so many people from all over the world trying to help Japan.
I hope the love spreads out even more!


Carla C. said...

Love your paintings, Charles! Your Woofies just melt my heart. They are adorable. I really hope the people of Japan will be safe soon!

Monstertree said...

Woofies need to star in their own book, or at least a short sequence!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir, it's easy to visit a blog when your this skilled at what you do.

Inspirational designs go a long way.



Jez Tuya said...

I agree with Monstertree! These Woofies are awesome!

Dan Pozo said...

so awesome, love the woofie!

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks for the responses, guys :)

Junko: I hope so too :) It is a tragic event.. :(

Carla C.: Thank you, Carla. :)

Monstertree: One day I hope :) I'm still experimenting with their shapes.. Still can't get it 'right' yet :)

Dan Polito: Thank you! You're too kind :)

Jez: woohoo! :D

Dan Pozo: Thanks, Mr.Pozo! :D

Juriani Yo said...

This's so adorable >__< I love all your creatures design, but this woofies' just so cute!!

Ted Blackman said...

Sir, your blog is an inspiration to us all! It's lIke a breath of fresh air ... you are too modest... we thank YOU, dear Sir. May you forever BLOG ON!!

Red J said...

Great work as always man! Thank YOU for all the sweet art you keep posting up!


Jonas bm said...

Thank you, Charles :D Like others have already said, you're a great inspiration - don't ever stop.

Stay awesome :D

Pat said...

This Woofie really transmit a lot of feelings.
And I'm the one who's thankful for being able to share a bit of your soul on each piece you share. It's a real honour.
Thank you Charles, and thanks Woofies.

Charles Santoso said...

Juriani: Thank you :D Glad youlike the Woofies.

Ted: sir, it's very humbling to hear this from you.. really. :D Thank you.. BLOG ON! hahaha

Red J: Thank YOU for your kind words. You're too nice! We gotta meet up one day, man! :D

Jonas: You too, Jonas! thanks a lot.

Pat: aww.. thanks a lot, Pat. :D You're awesome.

Please feel free to give any crits/feedback too.. I'm open to your thoughts and suggestions :)

Mauricio said...

Hi, Charles. It's pure fun looking at your work. Great characters and especially the charm of them all!

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks a lot, Mauricio :D

Gabriela said...

Your work is always so charming :) I wish I could have my very own woofie to take with me everywhere :)!

Winni Kim said...

I love Woofie, your image contain warm atmo, I'm so happy to see your drawing. One day I wish to ask concept for my next animation.

Colin said...

Keep up the good work Charles S! From your old mate-Colin

Patrick Awa said...

Charles, these are fantastic drawings as always. I especially like the one you did with the post "Please calm down, Earth"(I want it!). Despite the devastating situation I still think it is good(and only) idea that we can keep sending warm regards and compassion with what we can do like this. For us, it means creating more art and somehow raise more fund to Artists Help Japan...

I have been trying to find out what I can do while spreading this.
As one of Japanese artists far apart from the home land now, I would like to express my appreciation to you. Thank you very much!!

Charles Santoso said...

Gabriela: hehe thank you :D

Winni: Thank you! We need to catch up again soon!

Colin: What's up, Colin? Good to hear back from you :D

Patrick: This is the least that I can do. I personally think spreading positivity instead of negativity is a good thing :) Thanks for the kind words, man.

Alina Chau said...

Sooo CUTE!! Love your design!

Puri Lincoln said...

I really like your artwork
Adorable :)

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