Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fishing boy 01

As what I've promised myself on my twitter - to draw more human, apart from my bus sketching. Here's the fishing boy... just getting into drawing people properly again and also opened my Norman Rockwell book again.. I love his work (who doesn't.. :))!

Hope you like him :)


Logan Pearsall said...

Great moments! Such story.

Jez Tuya said...

hehe nice! About time you posted something with people :P

Scott Altmann said...

seems like you have no problem with figures at all - this little guy is a great character - love it!

Charles Santoso said...

Logan: Thanks, man :)

Jez: Thx, Jez.. yes, will hopefully post more soon. :)

Scott: Appreciate your kind words, Scott :D

murf said...

Great work; Mark Twain would be proud!

Pat said...

you.draw.people! :O
what a shock!
haha, just kidding.

He looks nice and cute, love he's doing something like fishing. I like that overall and the feet look good
have a good day and lots of human drawing days to come

Carrie Rodriguez said...

AWESOME!!! I'm seeing a new style to your drawing :)



Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Rockwell is the go to source for humanity.

George Bletsis said...

Great sketches! The expression on the furthest right is particularly good! Just need a woofie fishing partner ;)

tiffannysketchbook said...

i do like him! you're so talented.

Charles Santoso said...

murf: Thanks!

Pat: Thank you, Pat.. yes.. more to come :)

Carrie: Thanks, Carrie! :D

Eric: Thanks for the visit and kind words :D

George: Cheers, man. :D

Tiffany: Thanks, Tiffany. Love the stories in your blog :)

Mauricio said...

Cool, charles! Nice to see all kinds of art!

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