Sunday, May 01, 2011

Fishing boy 02

Some more fishing boy images :) Thank you for the positive response on the previous post.

Btw, I always open to any thoughts, suggestions and feedback.. if you have any, feel free to share it. Always happy to hear them. :)


Pat said...

"I got a big one!"
lovely Charles, keep em comming :)

Anonymous said...

Great work!!! I love how the opening pose reads as one big shape when your eye glances over it...on further inspection, it reads as an emotion! (pensive, slightly impatient, etc.) Perhaps it sounds simple, but that's an incredible accomplishment. Also love the opening up of negative spaces in the next pose, the instant readability...these really are fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

Carla C. said...

I love your fishing boy. Very nice design and expressions!

Julio Kansas said...

Damn his illustrations are excellent, congratulations. : D

Junko Miyakoshi said...

I love his expressions especially the one on the left side!
And nice action :)
I always very much enjoy your posts!


Ted Blackman said...

Sir, these are perfect little sketches, I can easily see them in a childrens book. BTW, how is that crocodile story coming? Did you think I forgot? hmmmm?

Charles Santoso said...

Pat: hehe :D Thanks, Pat

Eric: Thank YOU for your kind words :)

Carla: Thanks, Carla :D

Julio: Thanks for the visit, man :)

Junko: Thank you, Junko! Are you in Japan? or back in NYC? :)

Ted: Ooooppss.. You got me there, Ted! The croc story was shelved.. because I still struggle with the middle story.. :( still need to solve it.. he'll be up again, hopefully soon :D Thanks for the reminder and caring for the little croc :)

Maria Bogade said...

This is great! I really like your loose linework and the way you coloured it in! I would really love to see a book or little movie with this boy! Great work, Charles!!!!!

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