Wednesday, October 19, 2011

75 Peters Show

Hi all,
I was invited to be a part of '75 Peters' group show in Brisbane, Australia. It's an honour to be a part of this charity show along side of some wonderful artists from all around the world. All of us were asked to do a portrait of the iconic British architect, Sir Peter Cook.

Here is my contribution:

medium: digital

All 75 artworks from the show will be auctioned online and all proceeds from art sales will go directly to the charity Architecture for Humanity.

Here's the link to the site to get more details about the show & auction:


Pat said...

it looks very nice!
love the textures, and the architectural shapes

Carla C. said...

Love how clean everything looks! Congrats! :)

Mauricio said...

Yeah, the textures are working well for you here and I love how this very much looks like your hand that did it. Kudos!

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